Ramtha - Create Your Day
“To let life happen to you is irresponsible. To create your day is your divine right.” –Ramtha
You’re always creating your day—and your reality—regardless of whether you consciously intend to do so. That is, your thoughts affect your reality just as the Observer affects the Quantum Field. Our attitudes, assumptions, and expectations reinforce the neural net of our brains. The good news is that we can expand—and change—this neural net by consciously creating our day.

Before we fully awaken, we are dis-identified with our “identity”. We literally re-orient ourselves to familiar ruts when we begin to think along the same lines day after day.  However, before we “bond” with our neural net, we can literally choose to create our day according to what we’d like to experience. Ramtha gives a word of caution, however: “create only those things you are willing to accept.”

According to Ramtha, Quantum Physics is the only science that factors in your opinion. This is why you—and your thoughts—matter so much. In fact, Ramtha says that you matter, and would be greatly missed in this time if you weren’t here.

This 45 minute DVD is purely Ramtha speaking to the camera (though J.Z. Knight). Although Mark Vincente had a hand in it, neither he nor any of the individuals featured in What the Bleep Do We Know?! are featured in thie Create Your Day DVD. I love the fact that there are no “fillers” or grand introductions to this DVD. The video begins—and ends—with Ramtha speaking about how we can create our day with awareness.

In this delightful invitation to open your mind, Ramtha explains how thought is the architecture of reality—and how to make life happen…rather than have it happen TO us. The superstitious, as well as those who think this is all hogwash, are creating their day. Everyone gets to have what they deem necessary, says Ramtha.

Ramtha also addresses our notions of God and how we’ve created Him in our image, rather than the reverse. “Pretty soon”, says Ramtha, “you’ll graduate God from something mean and fearful to something sublime…The greatest worship we can have for God is to live like God. The greatest gift we have is not what God can give us, but to celebrate live every day.”

My favorite parts of  Create Your Day is when Ramtha explains what doubt is…as well as the definition—and purpose—of hope. “Doubt is a word describing a desire not to participate. Doubt keeps you from changing your life, your beliefs, you religion…” Hope, on the other hand, is “the permission to think beyond restraint—to live without confinement…Possibilities ring the bell of hope. Is it possible to live beyond my confinement?”

Ramtha answers this question with a resounding YES. Yes, indeed, you can live beyond the restraint of established thought and the environmental reinforcement of those thoughts!

You were just waiting for someone to encourage you to be the “more” that you are, weren’t you?

The last thing I want in life is to be a victim. What about you?

Today, I will have an encounter with the unusual.

What will you create today?

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