Ramtha’s Address at Seattle Center - A Message of Joy and Hope
“If you’re the observer that can collapse any reality into being, the only information you need is knowledge and training. If you have knowledge and training, you can dream beautiful realities.” – From the DVD

Ramtha’s Address at Seattle Center (November 12, 2004): A Message of Joy and Hope is a 60 minute DVD where JZ Knight (supposedly channeling Ramtha) gives a talk in front of a small room of people. She starts by saying “(What the Bleep Do We Know!?) is not a promotional film for Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment as it is a promotional film of the glory of human beings. Indeed, that which is termed ‘The Divine’ in all of you.”

Apparently filmed on the heels of Bleep’s release, popularity, and subsequent criticism from some folks, this opening statement pretty much sets the tone of the lecture. Ramtha’s Address at Seattle Center makes a few notable observations based upon some of the ideas in the film, especially the role of neurobiology in creating your reality. Here are some quotes from the DVD:

“The Mind of God equals all the minds that were, are, and ever hope to be throughout all of creation…even the Crab Nebulae.”

“Not extraordinary people, but indeed, common people, are blessed with an ability that lays latent and dormant.”

“People who circumvent life are not dreamers or creators.”

“If your dreams don’t come true, you’ve run into the end of your personality.”

“The doubter isn’t a doubter; it just doesn’t have any room in the closet. All your emotions are spoken for.”

“If you are sick or ill, you’ve made yourself sick because of your thoughts.”

Theories connecting the role of thoughts to illness are not new. Louise Hay has written several books on the topic (such as Heal Your Body), and medical intuitives like Caroline Myss have also addressed the energetic connection between thoughts, energy, and illness. JZ/Ramtha, when speaking, seems to string together general ideas and commentary but with no obvious point. Half the time, her fake accent breaks down until she catches herself and then resumes the theatrics...theatrics like talking of the “little film” What the Bleep and how it wasn’t one of her “best roles”.

One of her last comments is perhaps the most telling:

“My school is not a cult. That is a dirty 4-letter word you call people you don’t like or understand and it would take a LOT to understand me. I mean, you’d have to THINK… Our school teaches fantastical knowledge…”

She then goes on to boast that a CIA agent confided to her that they used Ramtha’s tapes for training agents involved in government remote viewing projects (Project Stargate before it disbanded in 1995 I assume?) because Ramtha’s the “real deal”. She also bragged that one of her students can bi-locate.

I never agreed with reviews that said What the Bleep Do We Know!? was a promo film for RSE. Heck, I didn’t even know who the blonde woman was in the movie until after the fact! Moreover, I certainly didn’t get the feeling that the directors/writers were pushing some sinister Ramthian agenda, especially since JZ is only in a small portion of the film.

Yet, with the flurry of related DVD’s coming out from several individuals featured in Bleep (all of whom are Ramtha’s students), I can’t help but wonder if someone is now trying to milk the Bleep cash cow…

While there are a few good comments in this DVD, most of it seems like theatrical fluff. If you want to know more about neurobiology, get Molecules of Emotion by Candace Pert. If you want to learn about creating your day using the frontal lobe of your brain, get Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Your Immortal Brain: Mastering the Art of Observation. Because, quite frankly, there’s not a whole lot in Ramtha’s Address at Seattle Center—and certainly no message of hope or joy that I could detect.

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