Real Steps to Enlightenment: Dynamic Tools to Create Change – Amy Elizabeth Garcia
“We are all on different paths, but our destination is the same. Deep within each of us is the desire to reconnect with the Divine.” – From the book

While enlightenment can’t be found in a book, author Amy Elizabeth Garcia has provided clear, practical steps to get your own your way in the 241-page book Real Steps to Enlightenment.

Teaming up with Jahallah, a spirit guide from the causal plane, Garcia outlines 33 steps for moving closer to Divine awareness. Each chapter provides four important components:

•    A channeled message from Jahallah, including personal examples from his various incarnations
•   Anecdotes from Garcia’s life, as well as those from her friends, family, and colleagues
•   A prayer inspired by the angels
•   Short writing exercise where readers think of three ways to bring a particular quality of Spirit into daily experience

Some of the themes addressed in Real Steps to Enlightenment include:


One of the sections I found particularly insightful was a message from Jahallah on the subject of clarity:

“Creating simplicity is a means for gaining clarity. When you simplify and remove excess clutter, all that is valuable in your life remains. Examine your daily activities and see which activities are useful to you and which are actually burdens. When you excavate the unnecessary possessions and actions, you will find your authentic self. Who you are and what you want out of life become clearer. Once you uncover those things, make a commitment to bring those qualities into your experience.”

Real Steps to Enlightenment presents gentle, encouraging wisdom for those wanting to deepen their relationship with Spirit—as well as those seeking to establish a connection with the Divine. Garcia comes across as genuine and empathetic, often sharing obstacles and frustrations from her own life and spiritual path.

This book was a joy to read, and I felt like I was visiting a spiritual oasis every time I picked it up. What a gift to a frenzied world! I especially enjoyed the channeled material from Jahallah, whose manner and insight is reminiscent of Christ. I plan to re-visit this book as needed, and highly recommend it for navigating the twists, hills and detours of the earthly plane.

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