Rose Quartz - The Love Crystal
Legend has it that the god, Eros, brought rose quartz to the Earth with the hopes that its gorgeous pink color would arouse love and desire among people. It has even been considered a fertility stone.

Rose quartz can be used in polished form, or as a rough cluster. It is renowned for healing work having to do with the affairs of the heart: forgiveness, compassion, trust, self-love, friendship, heartache, and lovesickness.

Rose quartz has also been reported to be helpful on the organ of the heart, as well as blood and circulation.

Since the Middle Ages, rose quartz has been given as a love charm to young girls. Scott Cunningham equates rose quartz with The Lovers card in Tarot, and in her book Crystal Therapy, Doreen Virtue correlates this crystal with Archangel Ariel.

Rose quartz is the crystal of choice when working with the 4th Chakra, known as the Heart Chakra. The mental and emotional issues of the 4th Chakra include love and hatred; resentment and bitterness; grief and anger; self-centeredness; loneliness and commitment; forgiveness and compassion; hope and trust. Weakness in this Chakra can lead to jealousy, bitterness, anger, and inability to forgive others or self. Fears of the 4th Chakra include Fear of loneliness, commitment, and "following your heart"; fear of not being able to protect oneself emotionally; fear of betrayal or emotional weakness. The strengths of the Heart Chakra include love, forgiveness, compassion, dedication, inspiration, and the ability to heal oneself and others. Rose quartz can help with all of these issues.

Facts About Rose Quartz

Dr. Flora Peschek-Bohmer recommends discharging (clearing) the rose quartz crystal by running it under water or among tumbled hematite stones. It is best recharged overnight in an amethyst geode.

In Feng Shui, Doreen Virtuere recommends placing rose quartz in the Relationships/Love section of the Bagua map, located in the right rear.

How Crystals Work

Crystals amplify energy in a process known as piezoelectricity. Many diagnostic tools in hospitals use piezoelectric crystal sensors. Crystals have also been used in watches, radios, and other electronic devices. Because crystals amplify energy, they also amplify the intent of the user and the ability to discern energetic patterns in the body. Thus, in the hands of a healer, a crystal can be used to discern imbalances in the body...including the chakras and auric field.

Ways To Use Rose Quartz

*As jewelry, such as a pendant or a bracelet
*As part of a pendulum
*Placed on the 4th Chakra (heart area), or on specific points on the body
*Placed around the room or under a pillow while sleeping
*Adding rose quartz to drinking water, allowing it to soak (remove the stone before drinking the water!)
*Placed in a bath
*Color therapy
*Astral travel
*Chakra balancing
*Angelic communication
*Feng Shui

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