Rune Oracle
“The Runes are the elements of an ancient Nordic writing that is believed to have had a celestial and magical origin, and are characterized by many sticks that, tradition says, fell from the sky as gifts to man. According to tradition, the Runes were hung onto the tree of life, Yggdrasil, so that everyone could draw from them based on the needs of his or her own spirit.” –from the Rune Oracle booklet

The Rune Oracle depicts 32 magical symbols culled from various runic alphabets. Cards 1 through 24 feature a colorful image at center, an olive green paisley background, and a runic symbol at the top. Cards 25 through 32 depict the same paisley background, but the runic symbol itself is embedded into a green marble rectangle. A 32 page “little white book” accompanies the Rune Oracle, with card meanings in five languages: English, Italian, Spanish, French, and German. Both upright and reversed meanings are provided.

Some of the card meanings in this deck include:

Power – This card primarily reveals your willpower. (Reversed: Something hurts too deeply and doesn’t let you listen to your inner voice.)

Time – Your life unfolds as in a movie, predestines. Time will bring clarity. (Reversed: If you are unjustly accused, remember that time is the best judge of all.)

Work – Tyr wants to shape souls with his powerful hammer. (Reversed: Life is hard under Tyr’s blows.)

Castle – You will receive proof of respect, affection, and excellent news. (Reversed: Not everyone supports you—make a shrewd decision in order to avoid being hindered.)

Ascent – Positive rays will reach you: Will power succeeds in accomplishing miracles. (Reversed: You will have moments of uncertainty and doubt that will shake your faith.)

If you have an affinity for Northern paganism, Celtic spirituality, Ogham sticks, and runic language, you’ll likely enjoy this oracle. The intriguing pictures appear "alive" and would likely provide ia stream ntuitive information when doing a reading. However, if you’re looking for a comprehensive companion book, then the Rune Oracle and booklet will probably not appeal to you.

Below are six card images from this deck:

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