Rune Symbols and Meanings
Runes are an ancient Nordic form of divination using the Futhark alphabet. One legend says that the Norse god, Odin, hung on the World Tree Yggdrasil for nine days and nights—impaled on his spear without food or water. This sacrifice, in addition to one of his eyes, was the price he paid to receive knowledge of the runes.

Runes were in regular use by A.D. 100.  Most modern rune sets contain 24 stones featuring each letter of the runic alphabet, with the modern addition of a blank stone. It’s not necessary to buy your own runes; you can make your own by carving the symbols in pieces of wood, or using a pen or marker to draw the symbols on dried beans, smooth pebbles, or even dried pumpkin seeds.

There are several variation of spellings, depending on if the runic symbols is derived from German, Gothic, Old English. Old Norse, or Gaelic. Most of the rendering below are from the Old English.
Feoh Prosperity, status, security, wealth.
Reversed: Loss

Ur Physical strength, masculinity, determination
Reversed: Weakness; missed opportunity


Thorn Protection, patience, caution
Reversed: Jealousy, over-caution, wrong decision


Os Authority, advice
Reversed: Problems with authority figures

Rad Change, movement, progress
Reversed: Resistance to change, stagnation


Ken Love, warmth, celebration
Reversed: Lack of direction or warmth

Gyfu Gift, opportunities, teamwork
Reversed: Some say there is no reverse for this rune, while others say that its illegality, loss, or impotence.

Wyn Luck, joy, connection to water
Reversed: Depression, self-doubt, martyrdom

Hagal Sudden change, disruption
Reversed: Detainment, disaster

Nyd Basic needs, self preservation
Reversed: Emotional tension, anxiety

Is Standstill, stagnation, obstacles
Reversed: Amplification of regular meaning

Ger Completion, renewal
Reversed: The same

Eoh Flexibility, shrewdness
Reversed: Indecision, regression

Peorth Mystical knowledge, psychic links
Reversed: Fear of the unknown, disappointment

Eolhs Creativity, artistry, culture
Reversed: Lack of the above

Sygel Life-force, healing, rest, recover
Reversed: The same as above, but in excess

Tyr Bravery, passion, heroism
Reversed: Loss of the above

Beorc Growth, fertility, beginnings
Reversed: Barrenness, illness, delay

Eow Transportation, animals, newcomers
Reversed: Problems with the above

Man Male authority figure, seeking out an expert
Reversed: Problems with the above

Lagu Feminine intuition, clairvoyance, fertility
Reversed: Paranoia, avoidance

Ing Solutions, family, fertility, rebirth
Reversed: Restriction, illness

Daeg Clarity, success, the obvious, success
Reversed: The same 

Ethel Inheritance, gifts, the home, money matters
Reversed: Problems with these areas
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