SARK’s Creative Dream Game - Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy
“I created this game to encourage you to shine your creative dreams, and assist you in the process of making them real. Creative dreams are all around us in our ‘real lives’. Being actively creative feels good and is a service to the world. The more creative dreamers we have in action, the better the world will be.” – Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy (SARK)

SARK is the paragon of child-like enthusiasm. Her books and decks encourage self-expression, creativity, playfulness, and light-heartedness. She also advocates eating mangoes naked, napping, and succulent living.

In SARK’s Creative Dream Game, the author challenges individuals to identify and release their dreams. By exploring the nature of a creative dream and identifying blockages to its realization—either by playing the Game by yourself or with others—a window of discovery opens for insight, understanding, and manifestation.

The Creative Dream Game is a 50-card deck and guide addressing the following ten categories, which individuals can explore alone or with others:

Positive Challenges

The cards can be used in a variety of ways. For example, you can do the Quick Start method, choosing three cards at random to see what they “speak” to you. Or you can begin a game by stating your creative dream, choosing the categories, and laying out the cards. SARK gives you simple instructions for how to play. You can then choose variations of the Game. For example:

One for One – Each player chooses a card. Tell or write how the card applies to you
One for All – Each player chooses a card, tells how the card applies to you, and how you perceive it applies to each other player in the group.
All for One – Each player chooses a card and then takes turns telling how each player’s card applies to him or her.
All In – One player chooses a card and takes turns telling how that one card applies to each player in the group.

An example of one of the Fear cards is Blaming. SARK writes:

“We can all find people or things to blame about why we’re not spending more time with our creative dreams. Blaming the self is especially popular. Blame is misdirected energy and a habitual fear reaction. This energy can be refocused. (Action) Blame everyone and everything! Speak and write about it, make a list. Then, recycle or burn the list—it will separate these thoughts from you. If you spoke your list, visualize it burning up.”

An example of one of the Love cards is Radical Self-Acceptance. SARK writes:

“This means accepting yourself as you actually are, not as an idealized version of yourself. This self-acceptance leads to expansive change. As we become aware and accept ourselves we can allow changes. (Action) Identify 1-3 areas in which you lack self-acceptance. Now describe 3 areas you feel self-accepting. Write or speak these.”

SARK’s Creative Dream Game is an interesting way to activate, accelerate, and navigate you creative dream life. Through self-inquiry and playful exploration, individuals and groups alike can tap into new ways of thinking, being, and doing. However, SARK’s child-like, block-letter scrawl adorns every card as it does in all her books and decks. Unfortunately, many of these cards border on illegible. I had to squint, trying to make out some of the words! Considering there’s quite a bit of information on each card, the small print makes it even more difficult to read, especially compared to a deck like her Juicy Living Cards.

I realize that her child-like writing is a part of her shtick, but in this case, the scrawl serves as a hindrance to getting the most out of her Game. Pity, because the author has a lot of great exercises and wisdom to impart. If you can look past the presentation and are a fan of SARK, you’ll likely love the Creative Dream Game—especially if you’re committed to releasing your dreams and letting them fly.

Below are the fronts and backs from 3 of the cards:

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