Sacred Geometry Kit - Janosh
“Soon after I created the first images, I began receiving information about the significance of these holographic and geometrical visions. This information was delivered intuitively, and I was told that I was receiving it from the Arcturians—highly intelligent entities from another dimension. These entities exist in a different yet parallel frequency, and communicate with our intuitive senses rather than through written language.” – From the Sacred Geometry study guide

From Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man to crop circles, nautilus shells to Egyptian pyramids, patterns involving sacred geometry permeate our world. Even sunflower seed heads, pinecones and growth patterns in trees reflect nature’s fractals. The organizing principle of sacred geometry spans architecture, paintings, Sanskrit poetry, and even musical compositions.

During the Harmonic Concordance of 2003, Dutch graphic designer Janosh heard the call to meditate for worldwide peace. This was unusual, considering the artist was not at all interested in spiritual topics or meditation at the time.

Several days later, he began to have visions of transparent energies captured in three-dimensional form and began reproduce them through is art. After posting the artwork on his website, he received surprising feedback: apparently, the images were identical to crop circles…a phenomenon he’d of course heard of, but never pondered nor studied.

In the innovative Sacred Geometry kit published by Sounds True, Janosh incorporates a variety of materials designed to help individuals embody and experience the messages of sacred geometry, including a 33-card deck, a pad of 100 tracing papers, soft cover 89-page study guide, specialized 80-page hardcover journal and a pencil.

The breathtaking cards measure 6 ¼ x 4 ¼ inches, with one side showing an explosion of vibrant hues imbuing pearlescent spheres, shimmering lines, and mesmerizing spirals with kaleidoscopic wonder. The other side of the cards depicts a keyword and geometric patterns of squares, lines and circles called “energetic silver codes”.

The combinations of multi-color holograms with the codes are called Keys “because they unlock potentials that already exist inside of us”. Janosh calls this collection the Keys of the Arcturians.

This box set, which has an easy-open magnetic lid, also comes with a relaxing hour-long musical CD by neuropsychologist John Consemulder, as well as small portable easel for displaying a particular card for meditation or oracular insight. The 8-track CD, featuring vocals by popular Dutch DJ/MC Renske Skills, provides a wonderful backdrop for tracing the silver codes, contemplating the cards, or playing on its own.

The study guide explains four ways to use the Sacred Geometry set: as an intuitive oracle, an intentional oracle, for subliminal messages, tracing codes and self-inquiry with the Sacred Geometry journal. The hardcover journal details a fascinating and accessible process for selecting a “Key of the Week”, as well as a “Support Key” and “Question of the Week”.

The unique journal provides spaces to record these Keyes, as well as your weekly reflection. Arguably the most interesting part of the Sacred Geometry journal is the section delineating each day of the week where you record a reminder (something that happened that day), your feeling, and +/- to circle if your overall mood for the day (positive or negative). This helps you keep track of your week, especially in light of the Keys you’ve drawn or are meditating upon.

I’ve had great success with the Sacred Geometry kit and recommend it highly. I particularly enjoy tracing the silver keys, especially since carpal tunnel prevents me from coloring mandalas. I find tracing the keys even more relaxing and centering than coloring mandalas, and much quicker to do.

My husband is fascinated with the images from the deck, and my 9-year old son uses the easel for displaying a card when he does his homework. A “Crystal” child with a sensitive system, my son sometimes resists certain exercises during homeschooling, and his chosen cards seem have a positive affect on him.

If you’re interested in sacred geometry, holograms, fractal art and tactile meditation tools, the Sacred Geometry kit from Sounds True would be perfect for yourself—as well as a gift for those you love.

Below are six images from the Sacred Geometry box set:

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