Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck - Francene Hart
“Often termed the ‘language of light’, Sacred Geometry has the ability to balance human energy fields and contains a complex informational system that can be used to access healing and growth in many dimensions.” –Francene Hart

When you have constructed a mandala, walked through a labyrinth, visited a pyramid, beheld a medicine wheel or engaged in a spiral dance, you have felt the effects of Sacred Geometry. According to artist and author Francene Hart, Sacred Geometry in an ancient science and a sacred language–a study of shape and form, wave and vibration, microcosm and macrocosm. It is geometric archetypal patterns that gather and repeat, echoing the oneness of All That Is.

Sacred Geometry also serves as a bridge between the left and right brain, the Yang and the Yin. This “blueprint for all creation” is a complex informational system—a vehicle to transcend duality consciousness, move beyond third-dimensional reality, balance human energy fields, and evolve consciously.

After years of studying the wisdom of ancient mystery schools and secret societies—as well as receiving and heeding intuitive Guidance—artist Francene Hart created the Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck as a means for accessing the holographic view of past, present and future. Her intent is for individuals to find their personal place in this holographic universe and gain insights that are outside the scope of the rational Western model.

The Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck, published by Bear & Company, contains 64 cards, each with a specific theme. The expression of this “language of light” is through shamanic-like illustrations, familiar geometric patterns, spiritual symbols, and simple shapes. Some of the cards and themes in this deck:

Vesica Piscis – Birth Portal
Sri Yantra – Meditation
Square – Earth, Male
Medicine Wheel – Connection to Nature
DNA – Conscious Evolution
Leonardo’s Vitruvious Man – Divinity of Humankind
Dodecahedron – Divine Thought
Earth Grid – Fellowship
Kabbalah – Tree of Life
Steam Cave – Elemental Forces

This boxed set also includes a 143-page companion book, which features seven spreads—described at length—and a comprehensive treatment of each card in both the upright and reversed position. Some cards are symmetrical and harmonious, and thus mean the same thing upright and reversed.

Every time I’ve used the Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck, I have found it to be amazingly insightful and accurate—regardless if I used the cards in a complex spread or just for a one card meditation. In my experience with Cartomancy, I have found that when one individual creates both the images and divinatory meanings of an oracle or tarot deck, it somehow carries more intuitive “weight”. Perhaps because the years of study and wisdom are infused into the whole of the oracle—both art and meaning—this combination really packs a wallop in terms of delivering clear, powerful Guidance. The Sacred Geometry Deck is no exception.

If you enjoy exploring the realm of Sacred Geometry and are seeking integration, balance, and increased awareness, this deck and book will be a wonderful companion on your journey to conscious growth and personal empowerment.

Below are 6 images from the deck:

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