Santa's God - Neale Donald Walsch
“Santa certainly had some good answers, and Melinda was almost out of questions. But then she remembered the most important question of all. It was a question she’d always wanted answered. ‘Santa’, she began… ‘Who is the real God?’ Santa almost dropped his cookie!” – From Santa’s God

What happens when a little girl named Melinda asks Santa the biggest question ever on Christmas Eve?

In simple yet profound story titled Santa’s God, author Neale Donald Walsch tells an endearing story paralleling the various manifestations of Santa (St. Nicholas, Sinterklaas, Father Christmas, Pere Noel, etc.) with the many faces of God (Jesus, Krishna, Alla, Jehovah, and so on).

Delightfully illustrated by Walsch’s wife, Em Claire, and artist Beth Stark (pencil work), Santa’s God explains how the different garbs and names of Santa (drawings based on original Pipka Santa figurines) are a lot like how we envision God according to our cultural and religious heritage.

For parents longing for an “All is One” book to share with children, or even for individuals who believe that “all roads lead to heaven” but have had a difficult time putting it into words, Santa’s God is a gentle, loving, inspirational reminder that no matter what we may call the Divine—God, Spirit, Goddess, the Infinite, the Universe—the same Ground of Being cradles us all.

Highly recommended!

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