Save the World (CD/DVD) - Cadence Spalding
“I pray that each of us seeks daily inspiration, the kind that tells us to take long and deep breaths, to open our hearts again and again to a universe whose only real currency is love. Mother Earth and each one of her precious voiceless creatures need our protection here and now, when the time has come for planting seeds, giving them room to grow, praying for each other and believing in hope. With each and every breath may we listen harder, may we forgive more and may we keep trying to love ourselves as perfectly imperfect creations taking baby steps to mountain tops, and finding the courage to always let love matter most.” – Cadence Spalding

With soaring synths and an angelic voice, the ethereal layering of Save the World by Cadence Spalding is truly a balm for the mind, body and soul.

With sounds reminiscent of Enya—but with more texture, range, and variety—this 2-disc set soothes, uplifts and refreshes. One disc is an audio CD featuring eleven songs written by Cadence Spalding and her engineer husband, Mars Lasar, while the other disc is a DVD featuring the same songs set to breathtaking digital photography.

From flowers to fields, dolphins to children, the imagery alone is enough to calm even the weariest of spirits. But coupled with Cadence Spalding’s otherworldly voice, the DVD of Save the World becomes even more special.

The eleven songs included in Save the World are:

1.  Trust in Love
2.  Save the World
3.  Grandma’s Song
4.  Here to Love You
5.  I Do
6.  Share Your Life
7.  My Man
8.  Share Your Life (remix)
9.  Earth Song
10. Hosanna
11. Kyrie Eleison

My husband and son watched the Save the World DVD with me and were utterly transfixed. It was like a mini-vacation right on the couch! We were especially impressed with the microphotography inside flowers, but all of the images were lovely.

And the music! So refreshing. Quite frankly, I don’t review music much simply because most CDs that cross my desk are repetitive, uninspired, and cacophonous (at least, to my ear). Save the World is different. I put it on my stereo, enveloped in the warm, gentle tones of Cadence Spalding.

It goes without saying that Save the World belongs in the home of every person who enjoys atmospheric, tranquil music. However, I think this CD/DVD set would be an amazing addition to offices, foyers, waiting areas and therapy rooms for health practitioners, acupuncturists, massage therapists, New Age bookstores, churches, and spas, as well.

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