One day, I received an ad in the mail for this monthly magazine, and thought I'd send in the postcard for a free issue. I'm glad I did! I hadn't heard of Science of Mind Magazine before I received the postcard, but I was very familiar with one if its regular contributors: Louise Hay.

Ernest Holmes is known worldwide for developing the spiritual philosophy called Science of Mind. He also founded the United Church of Religious Science. (Not to be confused with Scientology, something very different.) The basic premise is that our thoughts contribute to our experience--including disease. A December issue featured Judy Collins and how she confronted her child's suicide, as well as the article How To Let Go Just In Time For the Holidays!.

Science of Mind Magazine features interviews with celebrities and well-known religious figures, as well as monthly columns like Dear Louise, Philosophy in Action, and On The Path of the Global Heart. Past interviewees include Gary Zukav, Tammy Faye Bakker-Mesner, Eckhart Tolle, and Bishop John Shelby Spong. Articles have included Abortion: A Metaphysical Question?, Death Penalty: A Spiritual Viewpoint, 9 Easy Steps to Forgivness, and Anatomy of Compassion: A Lama in the Lab.

One refreshing aspect of this magazine is that they provide of platform for differing voices within the Science of Mind movement--especially on controversial topics. This is a very inspirational and insightful magazine, providing food for both mind and spirit.

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