Secrets & Mysteries of the World - Sylvia Browne
"In this book, you'll read about some of the secrets and mysteries that have greatly puzzled humankind, in some cases for centuries...I've personally visited most of the places where the mysteries in this book originate. I've walked the paths and used myself as a psychic barometer first, and then I've gone back to see if I could prove what I telepathically picked up using research, statistics, eyewitness accounts, and sometimes just good ol' common sense." - Sylvia Browne

The Bermuda Triangle, crop circles, stigmata, the crystal skulls, and spontaneous human combustion are fascinating and puzzling phenomena. As a child, I remember eagerly watching the TV show In Search Of..., hosted by Leonard Nimoy. At times frightened, I couldn't sate my curiosity when presented with unexplained mysteries like Easter Island, Sasquatch, and the lost continent of Atlantis. I couldn't get enough of these intriguing subject matters!

Although my interest in many of these types of mysteries has waned over the years, I found Sylvia Browne's new book Secrets & Mysteries of the World to be absolutely irresistible. This is one of those rare books that cross my desk which could be called a real page turner. I looked forward to reading about each phenomenon presented in this book-sometimes reading it during commercials when watching TV! I finished it in a weekend, and learned some amazing facts in the process.

One of the most intriguing subjects in Secrets & Mysteries of the World is that of tulpas. According to Browne, a tulpa is an entity created by an act of imagination. She quotes an excerpt from the book Body, Mind, & Spirit: A Dictionary of New Age Ideas, People, Places and Terms by Eileen Campbell and J.H. Brennan. In the excerpt, an amazing incident is chronicled: a woman was so interested in the concept of tulpas that she set out to create one. Employing intense visualization and concentration, she "created" a benign little monk, similar to Friar Tuck. As time wore on, her vision grew in clarity and substance-a sort of self-induced hallucination. The fascinating part of this story, though, is that her companions-who were unaware of her mental experiment-began to ask about the "stranger" who had turned up at their camp. What began with imagination began to have objective reality.

Sylvia discusses other examples of tulpa creation, including a group of Spiritualists in England (comprised of educated folk like a journalist, scientist, dentist, doctor and a businessman) who "created" a man named Edward Howard. One night, after almost a year and a half of constructing the full scope of Edward's life, the man-in the flesh-appeared to them! This story has been well-documented; in fact, Sylvia talked to a woman named Minnie Bridges, who was a student at the Spiritualist college that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle frequented, and she corroborated that she had also seen Edward. In fact, many area mediums were called upon to get rid of him.

Interestingly, Sylvia considers the Loch Ness Monster, Sasquatch, and even "the devil" tulpas created by mass belief.

Secrets & Mysteries of the World covers mysterious places, strange creatures, unexplained objects, mystic phenomena, and Christian controversies. Among these fascinating subjects, Sylvia discusses Shangri-La, Lemuria, Extraterrestrials, the fairy world, otherworldly maps and instruments, auras, black holes, the Holy Grail, and the lost years of Jesus.

Although Sylvia relies heavily on psychic information gleaned from her spirit guide Francine, she backs up the psychic information with scientific studies and historical research. At the very least, we're offered though provoking theories to these unexplained mysteries-as well as why we're here on this Earth and why many things happen as they do. Sylvia also provides the names of books, researches, and scientific studies so one can do further research on their own-and make up their own mind what to believe.

At 237 pages, Secrets & Mysteries of the World is absorbing and easy read. For those of you fascinated by phenomena like the pyramids, the Shroud of Turin, and the Ica stones, you'll be highly entertained-and given food for thought about the origin and existence of these mysteries.

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