Shadow of the Vampuss - Karen Mahony and Alex Ukolov
“So this is the infamous Pit Bull Pass, Jonathan thought even as he felt his tail fluffing out in alarm. He dug his claws into the leaves and began to sing in order to ward off his fear. But just as another long howl rang out almost beside him and the last rays of the sun vanished beneath the treetops, there was a loud rattle of chains and an oddly hollow clucking noise. Out of the blackness appeared a dark carriage drawn by two pale chickens and driven by a rat.” – From the book

If you’re familiar with the work of Karen Mahony and Alex Ukolov—the creative force behind Prague’s baba studio—you know how expertly these geniuses combine wicked wit, arresting images, and incisive observations (about either cats or humans).

In the macabre but oh so engrossing 92-page book Shadow of the Vampuss, Karen and Alex take us on a wild ride brimming with brooding atmosphere, vampiric sensuality, and gothic madness.

Beautiful costumes, shadowed corridors, gorgeous scenery, lavish illustrations, and anthropomorphic feline expressions make Shadow of the Vampuss a truly special book. Masterfully re-crafting the classic horror tale, Karen’s Count Scratchula both intrigues and horrifies. I simply could NOT put this book down!

I’m not one to have nightmares (in fact, I can’t think of the last time I had one), but after reading Shadow of the Vampuss—I had a nightmarish dream inhabited by vampiric cats! Ack!

Bloodlust, melodrama, and bizarre goings on—as the book cover says, this tale is not for under-age kittens!

However, fans of baba studio, cats, graphic novels, vampires, or classic horror, Shadow of the Vampuss does not disappoint, providing anxious amusement, a bit of dread, and an utterly fulfilling scary story.

And the story’s ending? Purrrfect! (I want a sequel!)

(To visit the Vampuss, visit Check out the cool animated version of this tale!)

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