Signs & Symbols – An Illustrated Guide to Their Origins and Meanings
“Wherever we live, we are surrounded by symbols—if we choose to see them. We can go through life ignorant of this rich imagery, or we can open our eyes to the deeper truths inherent in much that surrounds us. For those interested in exploring the philosophical and the metaphysical, a world filled with symbols is infinitely rich and rewarding, leading us to a greater understanding of ourselves and bringing a fresh perspective to our lives.” – From the book

From crosses to triangles, colors to flowers, symbols permeate art, myth, fairytales and movies. Most everyone knows that a heart pierced by an arrow symbolizes love, as well as that of a red rose. But have you ever considered how that association came to be made?

What about the pyramid on a dollar bill, “the finger”, or the significance of the red string bracelet worn by Kabbalists? Or what does it mean that Bill Clinton “points” with his thumb when giving a speech or that kohl lined the eyes of Ancient Egyptian women?  Where is the subtle symbol concealed in the FedEx emblem that earned it one of the top eight logos in modern design history?

You’ll find the answers to these questions and many more in DK’s book Signs & Symbols. At 352-pages with full color illustrations, many in shiny gold, this hardcover reference book is chock full of fascinating tidbits on the origin, lore and associations of thousands of signs and symbols.

Here are just some of topics covered in DK’s Signs & Symbols:

• Fairytale motifs
• Religious and national symbols
• Body language, hobo signs, hand signals and symbolic gestures
• Weather, fire, air, water and earth
• Clothing, headwear, uniforms, body adornment and jewelry
• Modern phallic symbols (i.e. rockets, guns and guitars)
• Plants, herbs, flowers, food, trees and animals
• Buddhist mudras
• Emoticons, currency symbols and musical notation
• Fantastical beasts
• Art, theater, dance, masks and musical instruments
• Flags, crests and corporate logos
• Numerology, Magic Squares, Tarot Major Arcana, Palmistry and Runes
• Precious stones and metals
• Astrological, Mayan and Celtic glyphs
• Death, marriage, creation stories and rites of initiation
• Gematria, tetraktys and Sefirot of Kabbalah
• Monuments, architecture, home, gardens and mazes

Gorgeous as a coffee book or simply for leafing through, DK’s Signs & Symbols offers magnificent eye-candy via lush photos, gold inking, illustrations, charts and accessible descriptions. As a reference book for writers, researchers, artists or the insanely curious, this book provides extraordinary insights into the patterns, archetypes and symbols found throughout history and modern surrounds.

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