Snowland Intuitive Workbook
by Janet Boyer
Welcome to the enchanting wintry world of the Snowland Deck, a set of cards for writers, creatives, kids and mystics! In this fantastical realm, sparkling snow creatures live alongside humans while magnificent beasts wend their way through icy landscapes, fluffy flurries, bracing winds and shimmering aurora borealis. Not all is chilly in the Snowland Deck, however, for this place shivers with the touch of magic--so blazing fireplaces, cozy comforts, sweet treats, warm abodes and steaming mugs of cocoa also find expression in these inspirational images. (To get your very own copy of the Snowland Deck, which includes a custom made, hand-sewn bag, please click here).

At over 18,000 words, the Snowland Intuitive Workbook includes:

* Introduction
* For each card:
* Janet's 7 Clue Method for Learning ANY Deck
* Seven Original Snowland Spreads (Can Be Used with ANY Deck)
Snowland Hermit Spread
Snowland Removal Spread
Snowland Teaching Spread
Snowland Mother Nature Spread
Snowland Ice Dragon Spread
Snowland Oracle Spread
Snowland Open Mind Spread
* Resources

The workbook includes full color images of all 78 cards, so owning the deck isn't necessary to be able to use this inspiring, insightful workbook.

Cost is $3.95

Please specify the email address you'd like the .pdf sent to. If you do not have a program to read .pdf documents, visit Adobe to download their free reader. Note: .pdf is sent out manually by Janet, so please be patient! Want the Snowland Intuitive Companion without the color images? Click here to get it on Kindle.

Below are some samples from the Snowland Intuitive Workbook: