Welcome to a magical world...

A place that transcends time and space...

And culture and race...

A world called...
Life Theme Cards
Mother Nature
The Train
The Hermit
The Carousel
The Stars
The Moon
The Sun
The World
The Snowland Deck can be viewed as:

An Unbound Book – Each card tells a tale, but you’re the one that tells the story and decides how (and if) it ends. As you change, so do the images.

A Bridge – When there are gaps in communication or understanding, these cards can help you connect the dots for increased harmony, empathy and clarity.

An Idea Generator – Each image features myriad symbols and questions begging to be explored. When you’ve hit a wall, pull a card to discover a magical door that opens to endless possibilities.

An Oracle – If you have questions—and ask them with an open heart and engaged mind—these images will help you find answers.

A Set of Glasses – To gain a fresh perspective, don a different set of glasses. Each “lens” in this deck offers new ways being, feeling and interpreting. If you don’t like the view, change what you’re looking at by trying on new ways of seeing.

A Well – Whether you need to dip into the waters of creativity or draw deeply from your soul, this deck can slake your spiritual thirst and saturate the arid parts of your soul.

A Compass – These images can help you find your own True North, as well as protective, supportive boundaries for the mental, emotional, energetic, material and spiritual realms.

Who will enjoy this deck? Anyone who loves winter, snow and ice! Beyond enthusiasts of all things frosty, those who will benefit from this deck include:

Kids – Not only are the cards of the Snowland Deck kid safe, they are also kid friendly. This means that in addition to gentle imagery, these cards show scenarios children can easily recognize.

Kidults – These young-at-heart adults still value the whimsical, playful, imaginative and magical.

Therapists – Those who use psychotherapeutic, Jungian, archetypal and intuitive tools in their practice.

Seekers – One of the best ways to tap into intuitive streams and hone our natural sixth sense is working with enigmatic images found on oracle or Tarot decks like this one.

Teachers – Whether promoting inventiveness, artistry, self-reliance or creative problem solving, teachers can use the Snowland Tarot to encourage students to be their best Self.

Students – In order to think outside the box—whether you’re in elementary school, high school, college or professional classes—you must use methods and tools that encourage you to see with new eyes.

Writers – Short on ideas? Tension builders? Plot twists? Settings? What about character sketches, occupations or even names?  Not only will the images in this deck give many opportunities for all of these, but also the companion book will supply actual prompts and exercises to get you from “what if” to “the end” of your novel, poem or short story.

Ministers – Whether you need a sermon topic or anecdote, these cards are filled with universal experiences and stepping-stones to spiritual truths. For pastoral counseling or parishioner visitations, these vibrant, pleasant images can offer consolation and cheer.

Corporate Trainers – Corporations and consultants have used creativity and brainstorming decks for years to promote team building, problem solving and innovation. The Snowland Tarot is yet another original set of cards that can be used confidently and comfortably in any professional setting.

Artists – Whether you’re a sculptor, composer, painter, dancer, fashion designer, illustrator, musician or other artist, these cards can provide you with inspiration for your next project.

Intuitive Readers – New and seasoned readers alike can use the Snowland Deck for use with clients, family or friends—as well as for personal insight and edification. Divination has never been this accessible, fun and revealing!

How can to use the Snowland Deck? You can draw cards at random, face down, or you can consciously choose which card/s you want to focus upon. You can draw one card or several cards. You can use spreads (also known as card layouts) that are included in this book or are found elsewhere. You can use the keywords provided to inspire you, or ignore them altogether. You can allow the images to “speak” to you. In fact, you can even create your own card meanings based on what you feel and see.

Some say music is the universal language, but it could be argued that pictures serve this purpose. Ancient peoples carved and painted images on cave walls, bones, rocks, animal hides, wood, tombs and papyrus. Simple pictographs and symbols evolved into elaborate murals and painted epics. With decks like the Snowland Deck, multiple symbols and motifs are imbedded in each image, providing manifold interpretations.

The Snowland Deck can be carried in a purse, briefcase, backpack, messenger bag, tote, pocket or pouch. It’s a portable oracle, brainstorming device and inspirational tool. It can be used in schools, homes, churches, spiritual centers, hospitals, medical offices, libraries and conference rooms. Given its theme, this deck would be particularly appropriate for ski resorts and lodges!
Husband/wife team Janet and Ron Boyer invite you to order their newest creation, the limited release (only 32) Snowland Deck Life Themes Edition.
The Life Themes Edition of the Snowland Deck includes:

  • 24 large cards (3.5 x 5.5 inches) with eye-popping color
  • Custom-sewn snow-themed bag with fabrics hand-picked by Janet Boyer, adorned with a beautiful, glittery snowflake charm
  • Snowland Bracelet or Pendulum (blue onyx or clear quartz)
  • Title card signed, dated and numbered by both Ron and Janet Boyer
  • Exclusive access to the secret password-protected Snowland Explorers Blog, a members-only virtual haven to go deeper and wider with the cards. In fact, even if you've never touched a Tarot deck, Janet will teach you--personally. No Snowland Explorer is ever lost (for long) or left behind!
  • .pdf of keywords and custom spreads.
  • Special card created by Ron and Janet's son, Noah
Your Snowland Deck Life Themes Edition package will be lovingly packed by the Boyer family, with extra sparkles and magic tossed in. No two packages will be the same, but all will contain our innovative cards. Who can work with this deck and how can it be used? Click here to read all the creative, inspiring ways to make the Snowland Deck truly yours.

To hear Ron and Janet discuss the origins of this magical deck, click here.
Are you ready to order your special, wintry Snowland Deck Life Themes Edition? Cost is $65, which includes shipping and handling to the contiguous U.S.
Elsewhere in the world, $85 to cover the extra shipping costs.
Click here to see all the bracelets available. Just like snowflakes, no two are alike! Click here to
see the finished bags (please specify fabric and if you want a snowflake charm sewn on).