So You Want to Be a Medium? : A Down-to-Earth Guide - Rose Vanden Eynden
“The purpose of this book is simple: to introduce you, the reader, to the marvelous spirit world and to show you how building a relationship with those in Spirit can enhance your life.” – From the book

With the surging popularity of TV shows like Medium and Ghost Whisperer—not to mention the visibility of mediums such as John Edward, James Van Praagh, and Sylvia Browne—talking with dead people seems intriguing and perhaps even glamorous. However, Spiritualist minister and medium Rose Vanden Eynden maintains that mediumship is work--hard work!

So You Want to Be a Medium?: A Down-to-Earth Guide demystifies the art and skill of mediumship. In fact, Vanden Eynden believes that everyone possesses innate capabilities for spirit communication. With this in mind, this book provides solid advice, quizzes, anecdotes, and exercises for working between the Earth plane and “the other side”—a place the author calls Summerland.

Vanden Eynden explains the “what?” and “why?” of mediumship, and differentiates this practice with that of psychics. The difference between these two practices is that a medium is in direct contact with the spirit realm, gleaning information from spirit guides or those who have passed on. Psychics, however, pick up information via telepathy, ESP, etc. Mediums use a “middleman” whereas psychics do not. Of course, there are “psychic mediums” that combine these practices.

Accessible and engaging, So You Want to Be a Medium? covers various ways to attune with clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and so on, including seeing/feeling auras, discerning chakra issues, deep-breathing exercises, various meditations, and so on. Her explanation of the chakras and corresponding issues are especially lucid. Vanden Eynden also explains Who’s Who in the Spirit World. For example, we all have “spirit friends’ who are available to us for inspiration, guidance, and solace. According to the author, we each have at least five guides:

• Joy Guides – They are entrusted by Creator to remind us of the lighter side of life.

• Protector Guides – These are entrusted with our safekeeping (and we often give them a run for their money!)

• Doctor Teachers – Also called “Doctors of Philosophy”, these guides lived a physical incarnation and are concerned with our spiritual development.

• Doctor Chemists – These ones are entrusted with our physical state and health, often giving advice on health, healing, and energy work.

• Master Guides – These ones correspond to the path that feels most comfortable to us on our spiritual journey, and concern themselves with teaching and guiding us on the path to enlightenment.

Ascended Masters, angels, and “outer band guides” are also available to assist humanity with a variety of tasks.

Vanden Eynden also stresses the importance of seven Natural Laws (such as the Law of Attraction), and shows budding mediums how to give a reading and receive valuable feedback.

My favorite parts of So You Want to Be a Medium? were the Symbol Exercises. As a psychic, I mainly work with clairvoyance, so it was interesting to read the author’s take on symbolism—as well as take her Symbol Interpretation Quiz. (Yeah, I got them all right…but it was still fun!)

The author stresses that mediumship is a calling, and I couldn’t agree more. If you’re not called to work with the deceased and the spirit world, you may experience a lot of disappointment and frustration if you try to force it. Although I’ve done mediumship work, I’m a reluctant practitioner…choosing not to “tune in” to that realm. For me, using a “go between” seems like an unnecessary extra step when I can just get the information from other means. In addition, when I hear mediums like Sylvia Browne explain their guides as sounding like “Alvin the Chipmunk”—whose high-pitched, speedy voice is an irritant that’s hard to follow—I wonder why someone would bother going through that kind of mediumship. However, I suppose it’s as Vanden Eynden says, “It’s a calling”. Considering so many people want to speak with their deceased loved ones, I can see how this kind of contact provides a unique type of solace to a seeker.

If you’re interested in mediumship from afar or are considering a vocation or spiritual path in spiritualism, So You Want to Be a Medium? offers excellent information, guidelines, and exercises to get started. Vanden Eynden’s prose sparkles, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading of her experiences and those of others who work with Spirit in this unique way.

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