Soul Lessons and Soul Purpose Oracle Cards – Sonia Choquette
“These cards are for those of you who are serious about flushing out and eliminating all obstacles to peace of mind and spiritual growth. They will help you quickly progress on a soul level by shining a bright light on your shadows and blind spots. Each card is designed to show you how to step away from the illusions of your ego and reconnect even more with your Divine and Creative Spirit.” – From the companion booklet

If you’d like some help in “getting out of your own way” and progressing along your soul lessons, author and intuitive Sonia Choquette has created a fantastic oracle deck for receiving insight and clarity about your life purpose.

The Soul Lessons and Soul Purpose Oracle Cards is an excellent tool for recognizing soul lessons, reclaiming the hidden jewels from past hurts, pruning deadwood from the present, and creating a future filled with authenticity, hope, and grace.

Each numbered card is beautifully illustrated with pastel backgrounds (mostly yellows and greens), and features a key word or phrase reflecting the theme of the card. Some of the themes in this 63-card deck include:

Live Your Soul, Not a Role
Speak Up
Choose Friends Wisely
Nurture Yourself First
Reevaluate Your Priorities
Forgive and Forget
Tune Out Distractions
Admit Your Vulnerabilities
Grieve Your Losses
Revive the Dormant
Make No Judgments
Face Your Adversaries
Seek Hidden Treasure
Refine Your Attention
Bust Out of Your Cocoon

In the 95-page companion booklet, Choquette provides general advice for each of the cards, including incisive questions for discerning how it applies to your life. Then, she elaborates on the card’s meaning in terms of both present-time soul purpose and your soul’s lesson. The companion booklet shows a mini-picture of each card along with the description and number correspondence, making it very easy to look up the appropriate card/s that you have selected.

There are only two brief spreads showed in the companion book, with the bulk of the text dedicated to the card meanings.

I’ve used the Soul Lessons and Soul Purpose Oracle Cards several times and found them to penetratingly insightful. The first time I did a one-card reading, I felt that the card I drew wasn’t appropriate to the question I was asking. It just didn’t seem to relate at all!

However, a few hours later, I re-read Choquette’s questions and advice about that particular card and realized that, while it didn’t address the situation in any obvious or direct manner, I was indeed experiencing that situation in the periphery. When I opened to its message, expanding my heart and understanding, I found the other situation cleared up almost instantaneously!

At another time, I did another one-card reading about a particular situation that was existential and abstract, yet weighed on my heart.  I drew a card and received such an amazingly insightful answer that the message moved me to tears; I felt such a strong, loving Presence in my midst.

The Soul Lessons and Soul Purpose Oracle Cards is now my favorite oracle by Choquette. Up until now, her Trust Your Vibes deck was my favorite. This oracle effectively pierces illusion, so it’s not a mere fluffy, feel-good deck. However, Choquette’s authoritative wisdom is full of compassion, gentleness, and encouragement—and she invites you to extend the same to yourself, as well as others. If you’d like to peel off layers of ego, become more conscious, and receive solid guidance for the next step of your spiritual journey, Soul Lessons and Soul Purpose deck is an excellent tool for showing the way.

Below are 9 images from the deck:

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