Spiritualty and Health Magazine
Spirituality and Health is a bi-monthly magazine that reports on the ideas, the people, and the practices of the current spiritual renaissance.

Featuring reviews of books, DVD's, and music, as well as lively columns and interviews, Spiritual and Health Magazine explores the mind/body connection, healing, spiritual practice, science, psychology, and more.

Here is a sample of some of the articles featured in Spirituality and Health Magazine:

*Socrates' Seven Spiritual Principles
*The Healing Power of Doing Good: The New Science of Volunteering
*The Standford Forgivness Project
*Qi Vs. Cancer
*Lessons From Mindful Corporations.
*Recovering From Infidelity
*Classic Hymns Cut Through Dementia
*Spiritual Literacy in Wartime
*How Plants May Explain the Intelligence of Ants

Magazine departments include book and movie reviews, gorgeous art and photographic galleries, beliefs from all walks of life and faiths, commentary by Thomas Moore, and more. One of my favorite sections is What Goes On In There, Really? which examines different worship practices. They have profiled experiences like a Pentecostal Christian service, Dances of Universal Peace, Maundy Thursday in Baghdad, Friday Night Shabbat Service, Siddha Yoga Meditation Ashram, and Spotting Elves in Iceland.

I've been a subscriber for several years now, and once I sit down to begin reading Spirituality and Health Magazine, it's hard to get up! You never feel like you're preached at; rather, this magazine offers gentle observations on contemporary culture, ancient wisdom, science, healing, personal growth, new discoveries, and spirituality--with breathtaking color photographs placed throughout. This magazine is truly a visual feast, as well as food for the soul.

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