Squeeze the Day: 365 Ways to Bring Joy and Juice into Your Life – Loretta LaRoche
“Who among us has not heard the phrase ‘Seize the day!’? Well, personally, I don’t want to seize anything, but I do want to squeeze the juice out of every moment of every day. I would love my days and yours to be filled to the brim with delight, joy, love and good humor.” – From the book

International lecturer and author Loretta LaRoche uses wit, humor, and insight in her work as a stress management consultant. In Squeeze the Day: 365 Ways to Bring Joy and Juice into Your Life, LaRoche shares bite-sized wisdom that’s filled with optimism and humor—one for every day of the year. By advocating donning a clown nose, shouting “whee!” while driving down the highway, or saying “no” to affairs with robots (BlackBerrys, iPods, computers, etc.), the author shows us how to simplify, enjoy, and relax in these hectic times.

Some of the amusing and sage quotes in this book include:

“Don’t become obsessive about anything! It will only make you feel like a dart that’s always trying to hit the bull’s-eye.”

“Get plenty of sleep. Our bodies need rest, and our brains need the escape of dreams. Those of us who would never think of abusing our bodies with drugs, think nothing of abusing our bodies’ need for rejuvenation and rest. For God’s sake, take a nap!”

“If tomorrow were your last day, what would you like people to remember about you?”

“Being afraid of everything is incredibly debilitating. Anything can happen at any time, whether you fear it or not. So why bother?”

“If anyone ever says to you, ‘Oh, you’re just too much.’ thank them and say ‘There’s a whole lot more where that came from…’”

“When you’re driving your car, instead of getting upset about traffic, play a language tape or an audio book and spend time learning. Your car can be a university on wheels instead of a hell on wheels.”

“Avoid euphemisms, such as ‘downsizing’, ‘weight challenged’, and ‘intellectually impaired’. These phrases don’t kid anybody. You got fired, you gained weight, and maybe you just don’t get it.”

“Do you spend way too much time thinking about what you ‘should’ have done? If so, stop ‘shoulding’ on yourself!”

Encouraging readers to lighten up, appreciate loved ones, relish in nature’s resplendence, and focus on what’s right with the world, Squeeze the Day is a fun book for daily pick-me-ups and minute meditations.

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