A Stream of Dreams - The Ultimate Dream Decoder by Leon Nacson
"Okay, you're probably saying to yourself: 'Oh, no, not another dream book!' Well, this isn't just another dream book--and let me prove it to you. Just look up any symbol, and you'll find that the meanings behind that symbol are revealed in a manner you can actually apply to the situations that are affecting your life--and the choices that are available to you right now!" --from A Stream of Dreams

Actually, that's exactly what I was thinking...not another dream book. I'm not a big fan of dream books as it is. Too many one-size-fits all meanings for my taste, especially since I believe we all have our own "soul code" that encompasses our fears, hopes, dreams, personality, past situations, etc. I thought I'd give this book the benefit of the doubt, however (especially since the cover was so pretty...).

I had a dream the other night, so I thought I'd look up the main elements in this "definitive dream decoder". Unfortunately, the main elements of my dream were nowhere to be found in the book, including party, carnival, tarot cards, bedroom or construction. So, I had another dream last night, and thought I'd give it yet another chance. Bus, family, and telephone were certainly in there, but amusement park, Ferris wheel, and spinning were not. There were a lot of other dynamics not addressed in the book, either.

I'm obviously going to have to apply my own system to my dreams, because there are overlaps between the two dreams, including telephoning someone in my Mother's bedroom, and having people somehow coming into the room and bothering me while I'm trying to call. Also, the carnival/amusement park element is another common theme for me to explore, as well.

I've looked up and read some of the other elements in my dream, and the author does ask some good questions concerning many of the symbols that he includes. The book is 424 pages, so it certainly has some bulk to it. He also has a great "Dreamer's Checklist" in front that includes questions like:

Nacson asks other relevant questions in the Checklist section that are really quite good. The back of the Stream of Dreams boasts that modern symbols like the DVD player are included, but I could not find it in the book. The symbols are alphabetized, and I looked under DVD, film, video, etc. There is no index, so I couldn't look it up that way.

Everywhere I look lately, I see people posting about the dreams they've had and wanting help to interpret them. From where I stand, understanding your own dreams, and consciousness itself, cannot be found in a pill or a book. It takes grunt work to uncover what your dreams are saying to you. In fact, having another person interpret your dream is a good way to avoid what your subconscious or Guidance may be telling you. Why? Well, a part of us wants to stay asleep. And human nature usually seeks to avoid pain--including the truth. (Which is often painful.) If someone offers us a interpretation that sounds good or helps us avoid the true issue at hand, we may latch upon it and build upon it--while the message of our psyche goes unnoticed and uninterpreted.

If you want a dream decoder, Stream of Dreams is the best one I've come across. If you want to understand your dreams, you may need to do the personal excavation yourself...

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