Stress Relief - Aromatherapy
Humans have been using the power of scent for over 6,000 years. Modern aromatherapy uses the powerful properties of essential oils to balance and enhance mood.

How does it work? Our sense of smell is 10,000 times more sensitive than the other 4 senses. The invisible world of scent powerfully affects our memories and our moods. Of the five senses, our sense of smell is the most primitive and most closely associated with our emotions and how our body responds to them.

By stimulating the brain, aromatherapy can rejuvenate, cheer, balance, energize, de-stress, soothe, calm, etc. It can also promote meditative and spiritual states, induce euphoria, and promote sensuality. Aromatherapy has many uses depending on the aromas used and the intent of the user.

There are several ways to use aromatherapy for stress, depending on the root and type of stress. For example, if you were experiencing hypostress which is the type of stress caused by boredom or being unchallenged, you’d pick energizing, refreshing, and stimulating scents. If you are feeling distress and hyperstress, you’d likely benefit from scents specifically geared for relaxing, soothing, and calming.

Essential Oils

While most of the following Essential Oils are known for their stress-reducing and calming properties, trust your intuition. You may be drawn to a scent that is associated with vitalizing and refreshing, such as Peppermint, for your own stress relief. By all means, go with what your instincts tell you.

Bergamot Citrus bergamia

Aroma: Flowery, fresh, citrus
Uses: Bergamot has balancing, cooling, refreshing, stimulating, and uplifting properties that are welcome when we feel fatigued, stressed, or anxious.
Caution: Do not use topically prior to sun exposure

German Chamomile Matricaria chamomilla
Roman Chamomile Anthemis nobilis
Wild Chamomile Ormenis multicaulis

Aroma: Sweet, earthy, tart, apple-like
Uses: Traditionally used for its refreshing yet calming and soothing properties
Caution: Do not use during pregnancy

Chamomile is not only a stress reliever when ingested, but it also has the exact same properties as aromatherapy. There are three different types of chamomile, and all of them calm, soothe, and relax:

Clary Sage Salvia sclarea

Aroma: Warm, sweet, nutty
Uses: Clary Sage’s inspiring, regenerating aroma is balancing and relaxing. It is especially helpful for women.
Caution: Do not use during pregnancy

Clove Bud Eugenia caryophyllata

Aroma: Strong, spicy, penetrating, warm
Uses: Traditionally used for its powerful and penetrating properties, Clove Bud is useful for those who want to inspire feelings of rest and relaxation.
Caution: Do not use during pregnancy or on children under 2; can irritate skin.

Geranium Pelogonium graveolens

Aroma: Green, rosy, sweet, flowery
Uses: Geranium has a sweet aroma that is balancing, calming and uplifting.
Caution: None

Lavender Lavandula angustifolia

Aroma: Mellow, fresh, clean
Uses: Because of its versatility, has long been considered the wonder oil of essential oils. Lavender’s cool, mellow, peaceful fragrance has traditionally been used for its balancing effects and soothing properties.
Caution: None

Marjoram Origanum majorana

Aroma: Herbaceous, pungent, camphoraceous
Uses: This warm, soothing fragrance is calming yet strengthening.
Caution: None

Myrrh Commiphora myrrha

Aroma: Warm, smoky, balsamic, woody
Uses: This ancient aroma is centering and peaceful. It has long been associated with inspiration, strength, and endurance.
Caution: None

Neroli Citrus aurantium

Aroma: Bittersweet, slightly citrus, exotic
Uses: This fresh, floral aroma brightens the spirits and clears the mind.
Caution: None

Peppermint Mentha piperita

Aroma: Fresh, bright, penetrating, minty
Uses: Both warming and cooling, Peppermint is refreshing, uplifting, and invigorating.
Caution: Do not use during pregnancy or on children under 2; can irritate skin.

Rose Bulgaria Rosa damascena

Aroma: Flowery, earthy, sweet
Uses: It takes over one ton of petals to yield one pound of pure Rose Bulgaria oil. The queen of oils for women, Rose is sensual, balancing and uplifting, as well as calming, relaxing, and comforting in matters of the heart.

Rosemary Rosemarinus officinalis

Aroma: Pungent, woody, camphor-like
Uses: Rosemary’s strong aroma is balancing, invigorating, revitalizing, and regenerating.
Caution: Do not use during pregnancy, or on epileptics or those with high blood pressure; can irritate skin.

Sandalwood Santalum album

Aroma: Rich, woody, mellow
Uses: This sensual oil is calming, balancing, and harmonizing.
Caution: None

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