Stress Relief - Eliminate or Reduce Caffeine
We know how caffeine often makes us jumpy, nervous and irritable. But did you know that it affects your stress levels in the long term, as well?

Sarah Schenker, a dietician for the British Nutrition Foundation has found: “If you only drink caffeinated drinks then you will become mildly dehydrated. It has been shown that just 2% dehydration does affect concentration, and also makes you irritable." Researchers have also found that drinking 350 mg of caffeine can cause lapses in concentration and increased stress.

An American study reported by Reuters has found that caffeine may increase your blood pressure and cause stress all day. Researcher Dr. James Lane and his colleagues at Duke University found that caffeine increases the amount of stress hormones produced by the body. What's more, the effects persist until people go to bed, even if they don't consume any caffeine after lunch. It is believed that caffeine takes longer to break down, and so after 12 hours, your body still contains 1/8 of caffeine ingested. According to the report, regular consumption of caffeine could contribute to the risk of developing heart disease and other conditions affected by stress.

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