Success Cards - Deepak Chopra
“The intention of the Success Cads is to bring you insight and wisdom, and encourage you on your spiritual journey. As you work with the cards, you will practice the Law of Least Effort and the Law of Intention. The Law of Least Effort requires you to simply shuffle the cards and pick one at random, and the Law of Intention asks you to focus on what the card says and how it relates to your life.” – Deepak Chopra

According to renowned author Deepak Chopra, developing a “wealth consciousness” is the key to creating money, i.e. the ability to know that whatever you need is available to you. On the other hand, true success results from understanding the self on a deep level, as well as recognizing unique talents and deciding how to best use them to support the web of life.

Chopra invites individuals to cultivate these principles and to tap into the world of infinite potential with Success Cards. This 50-card deck depicts an affirmation for contemplation on one side and further elaboration on the other. Artistically, these colorful cards have an Eastern flair, and the themes focus on abundance, allowing, gratitude, flexibility and other important traits needed for manifestation.

A few of the messages in Success Cards include:

I Surrender to GodI put my intent and action in the world to manifest my dreams and aspirations—then I let go.

I Recognize That I Give Life MeaningIt’s up to me to give life meaning—I don’t expect others to give it meaning for me. I create my own reality.

My Destiny Is FlexibleI can control my destiny by choosing freedom every moment of every day.

I Recognize and Express My Unique TalentsI have unique talents that, when expressed, serve my own needs, as well as that of my family and the society I live in.

I Refrain From Judging Others On A Moral Basis I am aware that moral self-righteousness stands in the way of creating success and money.

I Learn to Create a ‘Spiritual’ Relationship to MoneyAs I evolve (that is, expand consciousness), I have the ability to create more money, but at the same time I am not attached to it.

I Recognize True SuccessTrue success is the progressive expansion of happiness. It is the ability to express spontaneous joy and share it with others.

Chopra’s Success Cards is the most balanced deck I’ve seen regarding abundance, money, and personal success. You won’t find themes of western materialistic grasping or a condemnation of those who are “poor”. This deck promotes consciousness, gratitude, joy and creating personal meaning—all of which leads to self-defined “success”.

Below are six images from this deck:

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