Sundrops on Life: A Book of Good Thoughts - Patrick J. McBride
Several years ago, Patrick McBride sent out an uplifting newsletter among a small group of people. He usually included inspirational quotations but one day, found himself “too lazy to look one up” when two profound, original thoughts arose in his mind.

Although there hadn’t been feedback from the other quotes he had printed each week, these two quotes—absent of attributions—generated great interest. Everyone wanted to know the author or works of the last two quotes—and Patrick happily ignored them, pleased that he created a little mystery for once in his life.

Each week, he added more of the original quotes that seemed to come forth when he intended them. As the months passed, the weekly newsletter disappeared---replaced with daily postings of these profound quotes he calls “Sundrops”.

Every morning, Patrick quiets himself and prays, intending that words will flow through him that will positively affect at least one person. After years of positive feedback—including a doctor who gave the quotes to patients and loved them so much he suggested publication—a collection of these reflective passages are assembled in the book Sundrops on Life: A Book of Good Thoughts.

Spanning themes of worry, hope, health, strength, relationships, faith, anger, children and more, Sundrops for Life is replete with sagacious wisdom and unusual perspectives. Here are but a few of my favorite quotes from this fantastic book:

• The person who drives straight ahead when the road turns is never praised for having a determined will.

• Serenity is the ability to see the sunrise as the gift-wrapping on a precious new day instead of seeing it as the flash from a starter’s gun.

• Those people that we like, we will always find a way to excuse them. Those people we do not like, we will always find a way to accuse them.

• Every single flower and plant that you see, at some time, disregarded the weight and the darkness upon them and kept going until they broke through.

• Benevolent or malevolent is a judgment only from our perspective. The same wave that frightens a fisherman thrills a surfer.

• If you’re not enjoying the ride, grabbing the brass ring won’t change a thing.

• Sometimes it’s not the weight of the world that you feel on your shoulders but the hands of heaven trying to get you to sit down and rest awhile.

• It is laughable that we live like a child in a car seat holding on tightly to a small plastic steering wheel and seriously believing that we are directing the car.

• Don’t close your eyes and accuse the world of being dark.

• Sometimes it takes more strength to stop climbing than continue.

• Irritation is a signal to look inside for imbalance and not a signal to look outside for a target.

If you love quotes, Sundrops on Life is a treasure trove. If you seek inspiration, this book serves as a bright lamp in a dark room. If your soul craves wisdom, it will find nourishment through Patrick’s luminous Sundrops.

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