Syndey Omarr's Sun, Moon, and You - Phyllis Vega
“Most of us already know our Sun signs. But many of us don’t know much, if anything, about our Moon signs. While the Sun signs correspond to the outer self, the Moon signs represent the inner self—our feelings, emotions, and dreams.” –from the book

Knowing the position of the sun at the time of birth—known as the Sun sign—can yield important insights into the “true colors” of the essential self. However, knowing the placement of the Moon at the time of birth—the Moon sign—provides significant clues to the private side of an individual, including emotional expression, unconscious behavior patterns, and the types of relationships that are likely to be formed.

In Sydney Omarr’s Sun, Moon, and You - An Astrological Guide to Your Personality, author Phyllis Vega sheds light on how both the Sun and the Moon manifests itself in all 12 signs of the Zodiac. The Sun Signs are given a nickname (for example, Scorpio Suns are “The Regenerator”), and she explains the character, personality, teen years, friendships, and love life of each. In addition, Vega includes a Compatibility Guide for the 12 signs. Interestingly, she doesn’t regurgitate pairings. So “Scorpio with Aquarius” in the Scorpio section reads differently than the “Aquarius with Scorpio” in the Aquarius section. Sun myths, gods, and solar heroes are explained, showing us how the masculine principle and Yang energy affect the expression of the Sun.

The significance of the Moon sign is also addressed, and tales of Moon myths, Moon goddesses, and lunar mysteries give insight into the hidden elements of Yin energy. The lunar temperament, emotional nature, and hidden self are described for each Moon sign placement. The hallmark of the lunar placements are described by the most prominent attribute (e.g. Moon in Aquarius = Unpredictable).

While the characteristics of the Sun and Moon often complement one another, sometimes they appear at cross purposes. Vega shows how each Sun and Moon sign combination (144 total) form a unique working partnership whose strengths can be tapped for career choices and relationship decisions. By understanding how the Sun and Moon work together, we gain insight into why we do what we do—as well as the behavior and motivations of others. Are your Sun in Taurus and your Moon in Gemini? Find out how stable Taurus exerts a calming effect on the nervous restlessness of a Gemini Moon. What about Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Aquarius? Discover how the emotional intensity and determination of the scorpion meshes with the water bearer's ingenuity and independence.

Sydney Omarr’s Sun, Moon, and You is jam-packed with practical information including an explanation of qualities (Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable), elements (Fire, Earth, Air, and Water), glyphs for planets and signs, planetary rulership, Sun Sign Chart, and Moon Table spanning 1920-2020. Famous historical and mythological examples of the Star Sign placements (both singly and in combination) give the reader greater insight into how these energies manifest in an individual.

Despite the abundance of information, Vega style of writing is engaging and easy-to-understand. No prior knowledge of astrology is needed to make use of this book—only an individual’s date of birth. While the Moon Signs Table can give you a close approximation of your Moon Sign, it’s best to get a chart generated by a website like (or you can order one from me) for the sake of accuracy.

I highly recommend this book, especially for those interested in personality, motivation, compatibility, and personal satisfaction. The assessments were pretty on-target, and provides a great starting point for those getting their feet wet in Astrology.

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