Tarot in Reverse - Making Sense of the Upside Down Cards in a Tarot Spread by Janet Boyer
Tarot in Reverse: Making Sense of the Upside Down Cards in a Tarot Spread by Janet Boyer is geared to Tarot enthusiasts of all levels—students, teachers, readers, deck collectors, bloggers, authors and Tarot artists—who want greater insight into Tarot reversals. Click here to read what my colleagues have to say about Tarot in Reverse! Read reviews by bloggers Le Fanu here, Bobbie Jo Drake here,  Amanda Donnelly here, Zanna Starr here and Nefer Khepri here. Even GalleyCat got in on the action here.

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Written in a fun, accessible style, Tarot in Reverse is the only “quick guide” reference to reading upside-down cards.

There are only two other books on the market dedicated to Tarot reversals—both heavy on theory, with minimal or no keywords. Tarot in Reverse, however, is the first book that provides extensive keywords and phrases for reversed meanings, as well as modern anecdotal examples for each card.

Interpreting reversed cards is one of the major obstacles for both beginner and seasoned Tarot readers. With its “at a glance” keyword list, Tarot in Reverse equips readers to interpret reversals immediately, boosting confidence and expanding personal card associations.  Fiction writers can also use this book for generating plot ideas and creating character sketches.

Are you ready to have your Tarot world turned

Fun bonus: how would you like a visual tour of each and every pop culture reference from Tarot in Reverse? From Scooby-Doo (6 of Cups) to Twitter's Fail Whale (8 of Wands), Fahrenheit 451 (Knight of Swords) to Fatal Attraction (Queen of Cups), I've pinned each entertaining reference on a special Pinterest Board...all gleaned from literature, movies, fairytales, myth, TV, art, news items and the web!

Praise for Tarot in Reverse:

Tarot in Reverse is a long-awaited and invaluable resource. Janet Boyer provides a rich foundation for interpreting reversed cards by drawing on examples from history and popular culture in addition to the key words and definitions presented for each card. Her depictions illustrate the many ways these reversed archetypes can influence a person’s life and the subsequent choices they make. – Lisa Finander, author of Disneystrology

Janet Boyer provides a valuable and refreshing resource in the often overlooked world of Tarot reversals. Tarot in Reverse is jam-packed with tips, interpretations, and good advice. Taking it one step beyond, Janet captures incidents concerning famous personalities, illuminating how each reversal may translate into real-life situations for the reader. – Josephine Ellershaw, author of Easy Tarot and Easy Tarot Reading

If reversed cards leave you dizzy, Janet Boyer's forward thinking will restore equilibrium and instill sharp new perspectives. In this treasure chest of a book, Janet places gems of wit and wisdom over each reversed Tarot card to reveal and magnify a scintillating array of facets. The text of Tarot in Reverse is practical and poetic in equal measures, taking the reader by the hand and heart to that elusive "ah-ha!" – Craig Conley, author of Magic Words: A Dictionary

Janet Boyer takes a subject, one often studiously avoided, and tackles it in her upbeat, lively style. There's plenty of meat and potatoes here—good, solid information in an excellent presentation. Furthermore, you'll enjoy reading Tarot in Reverse because it feels like a fun conversation over lunch or tea. She takes the art of reading Tarot reversals and serves it to you straight up. This is one reference you'll reach for again and again! Gina M. Pace, creator of the Pagan Tarot

You won't find lists of a few tired old "meanings" in Tarot in Reverse! Instead, Janet Boyer delivers a cornucopia of fresh, modern and thought-provoking insights, ideas and meanings for each Tarot card. The sheer volume of research is astounding! No one will be able to finish reading this book and go away without a firm grasp on Tarot reversals. – Dax Carlisle, President of The Tarot Guild and Host of Tarot Today Radio
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