Tarot Card Growth Ritual by Judika Illes
I am pleased to announce the release of Pure Magic: A Complete Course in Spellcasting by Judika Illes. An independent scholar, fortune teller and aromatherapist, Judika has an uncanny knack for deconstrucing arcane practices and re-distributing it to the masses via solid research and engaging writing. In fact, she asserts that "magic is as common as dirt"--not merely reserved for "special" people (like Harry Potter!)

One of the spells that Judika shares in her new book is the Tarot Card Growth Ritual, which I'm re-printing here with the kind permission of Red Wheel/Weiser. Stay tuned for my upcoming interview with Judika about the Tarot and her most recent projects!

Tarot Card Growth Ritual by Judika Illes

This spell requires fourteen consecutive nights and is used to draw toward you whatever you need. Begin at the new moon.

Tarot cards are used to predict the future but they can also be used to provide for you in the present. Modern tarot cards are the amalgamation of two distinct decks: the major and minor arcana. Many use the major cards alone for meditation and visualization. They are usually considered to be more powerful than the minor, hence the name, however this next spell harnesses the power of the minor cards instead.

Use any deck you already have or buy one that appeals to you. (Regular playing cards will leave you short one card, the knight.) The classic Rider-Waite deck works well because all the cards are illustrated, unlike some decks which only provide illustrations for the court cards. The Rider-Waite images, painted by artist Pamela Colman-Smith, are especially evocative, however not all the images on the cards are pleasant. If you find that certain images distract you from your goals, then choose another deck.

You will need fourteen small candles (votive size, perhaps) to go with the fourteen suit cards, one candle per card. All candles should be of an identical type and color. Color-coordinate the candles to match your desire. Remember, you can always use white candles.

• Use cups for love or peace in the family: yellow, red or pink candles
• Use coins for money and prosperity: green, brown, or yellow candles
• Use wands for new employment: green, red, or brown candles
• Use swords for creative inspiration: black, blue, red or white candles

1. Light the first candle

2. Lay down the ace of the appropriate suit so that it’s directly in front of the candle and facing you. Each of the Rider-Waite aces depicts a celestial hand offering its gift: cup, coin, sword or flowering wand. Visualize yourself accepting that gift. Stay with the candle until it burns out.

3. On the second night, light another candle and lay down the second card in the suit. Meditate upon the implications of the image until the candle burns out. (If your deck provides no images for the numbered cards, visualize yourself attaining your goal instead.)

4. Repeat this with successive cards each night. The ten of each suit represents that the culmination of your goal is within reach. (The Rider-Waite ten of swords depicts a man prostrate and pierced with swords: it indicates resurrection, not death, success despite all odds. If you examine the image closely, you’ll observe the sun rising on a new day, while the man presumed dead, signals with his hand that he still lives. The card promises improved fortune and new beginnings.)

5. Following the ten, continue with the court cards: page, knight, queen and king, in this order. They represent the power of ancestors, spirits and Earth herself. Each offers you a gift of joy and prosperity. Visualize yourself accepting their gifts.

Reprinted with permission from Red Wheel/Weiser, LLC. Pure Magic by Judika Illes is available wherever books are sold or directly from the publisher at 800-423-7087 or www.weiserbooks.com.

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