By popular demand, the Tarot Classroom was created to provide an interactive learning experience. Specially created lessons, videos and exercises will be shared in a password-protected blog. Students get one-on-one attention in a private setting, as well as the opporunity to post questions and interact with fellow
Tarot Classmates in a secret Facebook Group.

Classes begin April 24th, 2017


This is a very good question to ask of any teacher--online or in-person! I'm the author of Back in Time Tarot (Hampton Roads), Tarot in Reverse (Schiffer Publishing), Naked Tarot: Stripped-Down, Sassy Advice (Dodona Books) and 365 Tarot: Daily Meditations (forthcoming from Dodona Books). With my artist husband, Ron, I've co-created the Snowland Deck and Coffee Tarot. With my teen son (whom I homeschool), I've created the Boyer Charming Oracle and the Animal Totems Charm Oracle. I've been a Tarot radio host, as well as a guest on multiple shows--including Coast to Coast AM with George Noory. I've had many articles, reviews and AstroTarot Forecasts published in various print and online magazines (e.g. Sedona Journal of Emergence, SageWoman, MysticPop). In fact, I'm an Amazon.com Hall of Fame Reviewer (there's only 128 of us!), with hundreds of reviews dedicated to Tarot decks, books and other oracles. Whew!

WHO IS THE CLASS FOR? Those who are new to Tarot and want to learn card meanings, symbolism, spreads and how to put it all together--as well as those who want to go deeper with the cards. To get the most from my class, you'll need to be committed to doing the homework. Learning the Tarot doesn't happen by osmosis.

WHAT DO I NEED? I recommend having at least one Rider-Waite style Tarot deck in your possession (although it's not absolutely necessary since websites such as Aquatic Tarot features an entire deck). I also recommend a blank journal (print or digital) to jot down your observations (even though you can post them right into the Tarot Classroom under each lesson). Note: If you want to learn Tarot using our Snowland Deck, please order your deck here and you'll gain entrance to the secret Snowland Explorers Facebook Group).

HOW LONG WILL IT LAST? There are eleven lessons that will be posted once a week--although you're free to take as long as you need to complete each one. The blog will remain up for you to access, even after the last lesson is posted.

WHEN DO WE START? Soon after you pay the non-refundable entrance fee, I'll send you the private Tarot Classrom blog address, log in code and password. Official start date for the Tarot Classroom is October 10, 2016--so the first lesson will be posted that date. Every Monday, a new lesson will be posted.

WHAT WILL WE COVER? Below is the Tarot Classroom syallabus:

Lesson One: Introduction and Methodology

Lesson Two: The Major Arcana  Part 1

Lesson Three: The Major Arcana Part 2

Lesson Four: Four Elements, Numerology and the Minor Arcana

Lesson Five: The Masculine Suits of Wands and Swords

Lesson Six: The Feminine Suits of Cups and Coins

Lesson Seven: The Court Cards

Lesson Eight: Reversals and the Good/Bad Continuum

Lesson Nine: Card Combinations

Lesson Ten: Spreads (Card Layouts)

Lesson Eleven: Other Uses for Tarot

Bonus Lessons: Have a topic you want to go deeper with? Want me to cover something Tarot-related in addition to the current curriculum? Just request special bonus lessons and I'll post them in either text or video format to answer your questions (or both!)

WHAT DOES IT COST? The registration fee for the Tarot Classroom is $78 via PayPal (non-refundable). You can pay using the purple "Add to Shopping Cart" button below or send $78 via PayPal using my email address synerjay@atlanticbb.net

Blessings to you and I'm excited for your new adventure with Tarot!

Teaching (The Hierophant) from the Snowland Deck