Tarot Collages
Whether you’d like to familiarize with a particular Tarot card or perhaps gain fresh, intuitive associations, making a Tarot Collage is a fun, creative activity.

First, choose which card or cards you’d like to explore. You may choose your favorite card or—if you’re studying the Tarot one card at a time—choose whichever card you want to explore next. You could also choose to explore a particular theme or grouping. For example, you could do a collage that represents all the Aces, all of the Queens, all of the Tens, and so on. Alternatively, you could create a collage based on elements—one representing Fire, Water, Earth, or Air. You could even create a collage based on a reading you’ve done for yourself or others.

Materials you’ll need:

Poster board, cardboard, or canvas
Scissors or Exacto-Knife
Unused magazines, greeting cards, store catalogues, flyers, photos, or junk mail
Glue or other adhesive

Optional Extras:

Markers, crayons, paints
Scrapbook materials
Glitter, pipe cleaners, feathers, googly eyes, faux gems, fabric scraps, or other craft items

After deciding which card/s or theme you’d like to explore, cut out words, phrases, and pictures that remind you of the card/s or theme. Paste them onto poster board any way you’d like. If you choose to embellish your collage, add any desired elements like faux gems, fabric scraps, or other extras.

You can use your collage for meditation or for decorating your personal space. Journaling about your choices can also open up new avenues of thought. For example, why did you choose the pictures you did? The phrases? How you arranged the collage? Does your collage remind you of a particular person or life experience? How does this person or experience connect to the card? How does the associations you’re making with the collage resemble or differ from what others have said about a particular card? If you’ve made a collage based on a reading, what additional insights does your collage bring to your awareness?

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