Thank You, Angels! Doreen Virtue with Kristina Tracy Illustrated by Patricia Keeler
“Every kid and adult has guardian angels with them at all times. You’ve got angels with YOU right now! I wrote this book to help you learn about your angels and how to contact them. If you ever feel lonely or afraid, your angels can help you. If you need to find your homework or remember the answers to a test, your angels can help you. If you have a fight with your best friend or someone hurts your feelings, your angels can help you. In fact, you angels can help you with EVERYTHING! The thing is, though, your angels can only help you if you ask them for help.”— From Thank You, Angels!

So what do angels do all day? Do they play harps, relax on clouds, and sing in a heavenly choir?

In her children’s book Thank You, Angels!, author Doreen Virtue assures kids that although angels do, indeed, engage in these traditional pastimes, these heavenly beings spend most of their time looking out for them.

Illustrating angels as everyday kids and adults with wings, artist Patricia Keeler captures the kindly demeanor, helpful actions and whispered advice so often associated with angels. In fact, says Virtue, angels may often send a human in their place—a park ranger, fire fighter, doctor or police officer, for example

In Thank You, Angels!, Virtue gently cautions children that angels won’t interfere on our behalf because of something called Free Will, and that we must first ask for their direction, guidance and assistance. She also explains the various ways angels communicate with us, including a still, small voice from within, an angel-shaped cloud or white feather on the ground.

Some of the comforting advice offered in Thank You, Angels! include:

• Angels help you stay safe (they are heavenly superheroes!)
• Angels have special healing powers
• Angels spread love, promoting understanding and forgiveness
• Angels speak through thoughts, emotions and intuition
• Everyone has a guardian angel
• No problem is too big or too small for an angel!

My 11-year old son was deeply touched by Thank You, Angels! Although we pray to angels in our house and speak of them, I don’t think he really “got” who they were and what they do until he read this book. I’m now noticing that he talks about them more, encouraging others (and himself!) that guardian angels always surround us with their love and protection—heavenly friends that offer us comfort whenever we may need it.

Highly recommended!

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