“We have written The Healing Deck for those who want to change, including the two of us, by creating the habits that support us, and recognizing and eliminating those that work against our best interests. But changing old habits is not that easy. These cards help remind us of the many tools available for rallying helpful habits to transform unhealthy ones.” – Amy Zerner and Monte Farber

Known as the “Enchanted Couple”, Amy Zerner and Monte Farber have been collaborating on divinatory and healing products for over 25 years. In fact, there are over a million copies of their work in print around the world.

Amy is an award-winning collage artist, combining hand-painted and vintage fabrics, papers, found materials, magical amulets and more. Monte adds his incisive, yet gentle, words to Amy’s gorgeous tapestries and together, they produce an intuitive synergy of healing and insight in their work.

The Healing Deck is no exception. Each of the 36 cards depicts a colorful collage, a theme, and an affirmation on the front—while the text on the back elaborate on the theme and affirmation.

Some examples:

Grow – I enjoy every day as an opportunity to grow.

Just as a grain of sand wraps itself in successive layers of material born of the oyster until it becomes the precious pearl, we attain emotional intelligence when irritations are seen as opportunities for growth.

Boundaries – I make boundaries and respect them.

No one has the right to trample on your words, feelings, or personal space, no matter how close to you or well intentioned they are. Be respectful of the rights of others. You have the right to be alone.

Shadow – I face my shadow-self bravely.

Our ever-present shadow side can cause anxiety and self-doubt, weaken our resolve, and poison relationships. The problem is not that we are bad, but that we think we are. Allow your light side to triumph.

Process – I invent creative solutions to every problem.

Think of yourself as an inventor or artist. Both confront the unknown with faith in their creative abilities to guide them to truth and beauty. Make your life a work of art and your art a work of life.

Self Esteem – I respect myself for being me.

Most people are too hard on themselves, limiting their ability to support their own dreams and schemes. You have done and been through a lot. Respect yourself for who you are right now. Don’t wait.

Other themes in The Healing Deck include:


Supportive and nurturing, The Healing Deck provides sage affirmations and advice for mental, physical, and spiritual wellness. I only wish that the images of Amy’s gorgeous collages were bigger on the card fronts! Also, the cards fit into the case very snugly. It’s difficult to get the deck out of the box, at times. This could prove to be a problem with those with arthritis or other condition affecting the hands and joints. However, if you take out the multi-folded introduction the cards fit in nicely, making the deck easy to extract.

Whether you use these cards as a healing or oracle or for meditation and instruction, The Healing Deck will help you cultivate healthful habits and person empowerment as you traverse the journey towards wholeness.

Below are six images from this deck:

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The Healing Deck - Amy Zerner and Monte Farber