The Life You Were Born to Live: A Guide to Finding Your Life Purpose - Dan Millman
“I don’t claim that the Life-Purpose System is based upon conventional science or even logic; I can’t rationally explain how people’s seemingly arbitrary dates of birth on the Gregorian calendar could possible reveal valid, reliable information about their life purpose. I only know, with certainty based on years of empirical testing, that the system works—that it can bring lives into focus.” – From the book

In The Life You Were Born to Live: A Guide to Finding Your Life Purpose, author Dan Millman explains an intriguing system based on the numerical reduction of your birth date. Instead of traditional numerological meanings, however, Millman applies a unique system that he learned from oral tradition. The key to the Life-Purpose system is determining and interpreting birth numbers, unlocking a path to personal transformation.

There are many systems of personality typing in both psychological and spiritual traditions. According to Millman, these systems only generate the impulse to change. However, the Life-Purpose System actually provides the means of doing so, especially in light of the universal spiritual laws that he shares in the second part of the book.

There are nine different soul paths thirty-seven possible numbers for the twentieth century. If these nine paths were colors, says Millman, then the variations show the different hues within that type. For example, I’m a 25/7, but other variations of 7 energy include 16/7, 34/7, and 43/7. All 7’s share the same key issues, but the “flavors” differ slightly, as do the universal spiritual laws that provide leverage to change your life.

The Life You Were Born to Live outlines the meaning of component digits, understanding life purpose, working each path positively and negatively, and likely health issues. Millman gives an overview of relationship strengths and pitfalls for each soul path, as well as talents, work, and finances. Designed to deepen self-understanding, the author provides useful question, recommendations, and the appropriate spiritual laws affecting each path. The book also highlights famous people for each numerical variation. Millman then takes over 70 pages describing seventeen Laws of Spirit that aid in transformation.

Although this 447-page book has been around for a while, I recently came across The Life You Were Born to Live at an opportune time. Feeling my customary existential angst that hits every few months—“why am I here, anyway?”—I did a simple 3-card Tarot reading that confirmed what I had learned from another personality system (Ansir). Nothing new to me, ironically. After wondering aimlessly in a large bookstore, I picked up this book and turned to my soul path numbers. Everything I already knew was there and much more, confirming the wisdom I received from the Tarot. Nevertheless, there was something about this time that made the crucial information (finally) stick. It’s all about trusting self and personal intuition for my particular life path—and I finally “got it”.

I had a major shift in the bookstore just from a brief reading about my unique combination of numbers. It wasn’t until a later visit that I actually purchased the book. That cursory reading was all I needed, though—and I’m grateful. While the section on the Laws of Spirit may be helpful for many, there weren’t the most important aspects for my own search even though they were certainly applicable.

The description of my son’s numerical energy was uncanny. At 7 years old, I have actually heard my son use a phrase that Millman describes as being a hallmark of my son’s type!

For those interested in finding out why they’re here (and really, who isn’t but the most unconscious?), The Life You Were Born to Live is an intriguing personalized system that not only gives you surprising insights into your motivations, personality, and challenges but also practical tools for navigating your soul path for spiritual fulfillment.

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