The Secret DVD
“There is a lie that’s like a virus in the mind of humanity that there’s not enough for everyone.” – Michael Beckwith from The Secret DVD

To tell you the amount of synchronicity that brought this DVD to me would be staggering. I’ll just share a little bit before I get to the actual review (but, sharing how the Law of Attraction *works* via this “testimonial” should give you food for thought, too!)

A few weeks ago, I caught the tail end of a Larry King show featuring Michael Beckwith and J.Z. Knight (they were the only two people on the panel I recognized by sight). I liked how the panel presented the idea of thoughts creating reality (the law of attraction), and was especially moved by a story shared by one of the panelist. (Turns out that the guy’s name is John Assaraf—a former street kid who’s now a life coach). Here’s the story: John is working on his office when his little boy asks “What’s in the box?” John had moved several times in a five-year period, and the box in his office held his vision boards. After asking his Dad “What’s a vision board?”, John shows his son what they are, figuring that showing would be easier for a 5 ½ year old to understand.

You see, a vision board is a poster board or cork board where you paste/pin representations of what you want to attract in your life. Well, John looked at one of his past vision boards and tears welled up in his eyes. There, on one of the boards created years previously, was a picture of a house. But not just ANY house. No, it was THE house that HE WAS NOW LIVING IN. He didn’t realize that the house he bought the year before, and renovated, WAS THE EXACT SAME HOUSE (an aerial view) FROM HIS VISION BOARD. He then realized the awesome power of the law of attraction.

As I’m watching this on Larry King, I’m thinking “Holy crap!” Now, the law of attraction isn’t new to me, but this was the most mind-blowing story of deliberate creation that I’ve ever heard. So I excitedly tell my husband (who was sleeping at the time of the airing) and he answers “No way!” We were psyched, and said we’d create our OWN vision board.

In the meantime, I get an email from one of my readers asking me about the law of attraction. Twice in the email he mentions “The Secret”. In fact, in the second email, he says “Well, you’ve seen The Secret, so what do you think?” And I’m thinking “Why does this guy keep acting like I know what this Secret thing is?!”

So I do a search for The Secret on Amazon. I end up getting a copy of the DVD, and the same night (last night) my husband and I begin to watch. At the very beginning, the music and images brought me to tears—I don’t know why. In Pentecostal/Charismatic circles, they’d call it “the anointing”. I was so moved—and so psyched—about this movie (even though I really didn’t know what it was about, who was on it, or what to expect.) I just knew that what I was seeing was going to enhance my already blessed life.

Well, it just so happen that several of the people that were on the Larry King show were in this movie! Unbeknownst to me, they were plugging this movie earlier in the show. (J.Z. was plugging her Ramtha program, I presume.) And guess who was on there? John Assaraf, sharing his vision board story! Woohoo!

There were other bizarre synchronicities, including four different things that were said on The Secret DVD that my husband and I *just* said/concluded within the last 24 hours. (For example, I’m reading an excellent book by cardiologist Mimi Gaurneri called The Heart Speaks, and had the epiphany that stress created by my worrying about my high cholesterol was a worse contributor to my numbers than trying to micromanage everything that came into my mouth. In the DVD, John Proctor—who is HILARIOUS, by the way—observed, “Disease cannot live in a body that is in a healthy emotional state”—something I JUST said to my husband, in effect, mere minutes before the movie!) There were several times I paused the DVD and said “Oh my God” as we were hearing EXACTLY what came out of our mouth in an earlier conversation.

The Secret DVD features around 30 authors, teachers, life coaches, and inspirational speakers sharing their experiences and insights on the law of attraction. (E.g. Neale Donald Walsch, Michael Beckwith, Dr. Denis Witley, John DeMartini, Dr. Fred Alan Wolf, Dr. John Gray, Hale Dwoskin, Marie Diamond,  Basically, the law of attraction is “like attracts like”. This is why expecting a crappy day and complaining about stuff yields more of the same—as well as people who will reinforce the same vibration. It’s also the same principle as “laugh, and the whole world laughs with you”.

The stories and insights the contributors share are utterly exciting, inspiring, and even surprising. One man, Morris Goodman, was in an airplane crash, becoming completely paralyzed. He was on a ventilator—suffering broken vertebrae, a destroyed swallowing reflex and diaphragm—and told by the doctors he’d basically be a vegetable, only able to blink his eyes. However, he pictured being a “normal” person again and resolved to walk out of their on Christmas day. Guess what? HE DID. (And he shares his story on The Secret).

Another incredible story was that of Jack Canfield, creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series. He describes the amazing synchronicity that led to him making almost 100,000—just as he intended.

What makes The Secret DVD different from other law of attraction products is that it explains that a rich INNER life is what gives context to outward success and “stuff”. I especially loved the wisdom shared by Lisa Nichols on this topic, as well as how she became her own “sHero”. I also applaud the emphasis on the importance of ACTION—following inspiration that the Universe provides in answer to your desires. Sitting on your butt—having a wishbone instead of a backbone (my words) is NOT advocated on this DVD!

No word is out of place on this DVD. The music and graphics are outstanding (and, in my opinion, The Secret accomplishes what What the Bleep TRIED to), as is the grounded wisdom shared by all the wonderful contributors. These people come across as compassionate, kind, sensible, joyful and grounded individuals who want the SAME for you...for us all. There are no fake accents on this DVD—no New Age gobbledygook or channeled entities or mystical theatrics. Most especially—and importantly—there isn’t a HINT of superiority or chilly narcissism that one often finds in law of attraction books.

The law of attraction WORKS. I’ve drawn things into my life with ease because I expect it. For example, I’ve always had wonderful “luck” with men, and now enjoy a beautiful, fulfilled marriage to my soul mate (9 years strong). I attracted my wonderful husband because one of the things I KNEW from the time I was young was that I was a queen and that I deserved to be treated like one. I’d never marry or attract an abusive, philandering idiot because I never EXPECTED to. It simply was not in my consciousness.

Now, I’ve struggled in other areas, especially health (I watched my first husband—a “name it and claim it” preacher, of all things!—suffer and die from leukemia). This formed my belief that the law of attraction couldn’t/doesn’t work on health and healing. However, through time and experience, I’ve concluded that I don’t know what my husband’s contract was—and it’s certainly not for me to judge or assume. BUT, I can choose, right now, to apply the law to my own healing from high cholesterol and iron deficiency anemia. And, as a result, I’ve lost 35 pounds in the last few months and feel definite improvements!

Also, my husband and I chose to focus on some things we’d like to attract, including $. Less than 24 hours after watching the movie and making this decision, I received $75—unexpectedly—from someone overseas. More is on the way. I’ve also used the law of attraction (at the time, I didn’t know what the law was, but I knew certain things for sure) to attract a computer—my very first. My husband would ask “How can you expect a computer to come out of nowhere?!” Well, it came from one of HIS co-workers…and my husband, after watching me do my magic several times over the years (LOL) is now convinced there’s something to it!

Here’s just a few snippets of some of the inspiring wisdom you’ll find in The Secret DVD:

“Inner happiness is the fuel of success.”

“If it ain’t fun, don’t do it!” (This is so true!)

“Thoughts of greed, fear, stinginess, and lack creates the same.”

“Energy goes where attention flows.”

“Happier thoughts lead to a happier biochemistry.”

“Incurable means curable from within.”

“What you resist, persists.”

“Fortunately, there’s a delay between thoughts and manifestations.”

What you’ll find in The Secret DVD are laugh out loud moments, poignant stories, encouraging cheerleading, and immediately useful information that will enhance your well being. By using your feelings as a gauge, you’ll be able to discern your preferences in life, as well as how you are deliberately creating through your thought patterns, attitudes, and beliefs. What can it hurt to get this DVD and try your own experiments? You can start small and apply it to any area of your life. The engaging, wise teachers on this DVD will show you how—and your life may never be the same again!

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