Through the Open Door to the Vastness of Your True Being - Eckhart Tolle
“The need for enemies—people, situation, places and so on—is the root for making the present moment something that you need to oppose. The present moment equals life. Life can only be present Now. The Little Me lives in opposition to the Now…to life itself. If that’s not mad, what is?” – Eckhart Tolle

After experiencing an amazing awakening on a park bench, Eckhart Tolle—the author of The Power of Now—has brought the idea of present moment awareness to the mainstream with his live teachings, audio recordings, and bestselling books.

Through the Open Door to the Vastness of Your True Being, a 2-CD lecture published by Sounds True, further elaborates on the idea that the present moment is all we really have and explains why the ego-mind seeks conflict as a way to avoid the present moment. In fact, the concept of time—past and future—is a creation of the ego, feeding its insatiable appetite for thought forms such as opinions, interpretations, and labels. Instead of quiet stillness—such as when smelling a flower—the ego mind finds a need to have a running commentary about the aroma, the type of flower, the weather, and so on. Indeed, the need for constant judgment or interpretation of every situation is the hallmark of the ego mind and the root of suffering.

Resisting the Now causes suffering on all levels, with the tyranny of the “Little Me” constantly pushing us to wallow in or relish the past while rushing toward a future that promises something better. Neither the past nor the future exists, says Tolle, and are a construct of the Little Me designed to avoid the tightrope of Now. Stillness removes both time and suffering and while you can enter the Now through difficulties, Tolle explains that it doesn’t have to be so. Yet, he assures us that our greatest challenges often call forth the deepest “No”, i.e. resistance to the Present, which serves as a portal to a deeper “Yes” to what is. The result of this non-opposition? Love, joy, and peace—all those things that are ever-present but only accessed through stillness.

The Little Me panics at the idea of a futureless existence because the “next best thing”—the satisfying ending to the fabricated story of the ego mind—resides there. Whether seeking the perfect partner, career success, wealth, or even enlightenment, the Little Mind promises that the future contains fulfillment—which is why everyone is running wildly towards it. However, the only truly satisfying ending to the story is here right now—the vast ground of being that supports, envelops, and arises from the present moment.

With a run-time of approximately 2 ½ hours, Through the Open Door to the Vastness of Your True Being encourages renouncing both thought and the next moment, as well as ending all seeking, knowing yourself as stillness, and allowing this moment to be—no matter what form it takes. By saying a deep Yes to life as it is, we become free of fear and desire, of the future and past created by the Little Me. If you’re familiar with the Power of Now and the teachings of Eckhart Tolle, there may be very little “new” here. However, that’s the ironic part: even among spiritual seekers, the egoic mind searches for some new idea that will—at last—be the key to end all seeking. As he’s done for years, Tolle continues to point the way to our true Being in this CD series, providing the antidote to suffering with incisive clarity, gentle wisdom and warm humor.

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