Titania's Aroma Magic - Titania Hardie
"Aromatic oils can literally change our lives, by making our homes more welcoming, our workspace more enticing and satisfying to work in, our private rooms more romantic and our inner selves more inspired." -- From the companion book

Regardless of whether you're into spells or rituals, Titania's Aroma Magic kit is a fine offering for those who love aromatherapy. This box set includes:

* An attractive white porcelain essential oil diffuser
* Geranium essential oil
* Tea candle
* 96-page companion book

The companion book to Aroma Magic is filled with fascinating and practical information on aromatherapy, healing and rituals. Containing six chapters, Titania covers:

* Aromatic Soul Personalities (very accurate personality profile based on your scent preferences)

* Quick reference chart to popular oils and what they help

* The science of smell and how it works

* Spells and Rituals for love, relationships, creativity, assertiveness, prosperity, self-esteem, meditation, anxiety, emotional loss, mood swings, disagreements, exams/tests and much more

* Healing and health, including waging war against burnout and infection, reducing tiredness and caring for someone who is ill

* Further reading a list of suppliers

While the diffuser is beautiful, I was a little disappointed to find Titania's signature in blue on the back side. However, since I display it on a top shelf of one of my bookcases when not in use (yes, it's that beautiful!), I place the signature side facing the wall. I love the stars motif--lovely!

Titania's Aroma Magic came with Geranium oil which I do NOT like. It smells too sickly-sweet for me. (Interestingly, I don't like lavender or most of the other scents from the "Herb Soul" group--and I lack most of the traits of this personality group, too! Me--I like citrus scents, as well as peppermint and cinnamon.)

However, you don't HAVE to use the oil that comes with this kit! You can go out and buy your favorite scent--or acquire various scents to perform the rituals/spells in the book if you're into that kind of thing.

If you enjoy aromatherapy and would like a lovely essential oil diffuser accompanied by an engaging book jam-packed with information, then I think you'll love Titania's Aroma Magic!

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