“One of the most evocative images in the whole genre of the mind, body and spirit subjects—and of mysticism itself—is that of the gifted seer contemplating the depths of a crystal ball.” – Titania Hardie

Individuals have sought answers from within or from the realm of spirit for thousands of years. One of the most ancient forms of divination, called scrying, employs the use of substances or objects with shiny surfaces, such as molten metal, ink, water, or glass. Whether though a light meditative trance state or via 6th sense function such as clairaudience and clairvoyance, seekers of wisdom consulted such objects from every culture.

Crystallomancy, a form of scrying using crystals or glass, is arguably one of the most easily recognized forms of divination, especially in the form of a crystal ball. Suggesting an infinite realm of possibilities and a cache of treasured insights, the image of crystal balls enchants children and adults alike. Through literature, movies, and television, wizards, witches, and fortunetellers are often shown gazing hopefully into a glistening orb—presumably to discern the future. In fact, crystal ball gazing figures prominently in one of the Harry Potter films!

For those who scry on a regular basis, the experience isn’t quite so sensational. However, crystal gazing *can* be a wonderful way to access your subconscious, call on internal wisdom, and enter a mindful state through meditation.

An excellent kit for beginners, Titania’s Crystal Ball by Titania Hardie includes a glass orb, round wood stand, and 64-page companion book. The “crystal ball” is a bit bigger than a golf ball, but smaller than a baseball. The circular wooden stand (imagine a thin donut) safely nestles the ball during meditation. Of course, you can use your own stand or cloth to keep the orb in place, but it’s great that this kit happens to come with one!

The companion book serves as thorough introduction to crystallomancy, and Titania’s knowledgeable yet empathetic approach encourages beginner scryers to experiment gently while learning how to use this unique tool. She explains theories of crystal gazing, as well as how to create a relaxed atmosphere and induce a meditative state. Titania also describes how to “cleanse” and charge the orb, and what to expect during your first attempts and crystal gazing.

In the companion book to Titania’s Crystal Ball, the author also elaborates on the meanings of colors, objects, and images. For example, seeing small birds such as robins or sparrows may suggest activity, while flowers often presage invitations or new beginners in a love affair. Fruits may indicate time well spent, while books suggest study or the need to learn something.

Titania also provides additional ideas for using your crystal ball:

1. Meeting your spirit guide
2. Trying astral travel
3. Creating positive energy
4. Aspiring to a generous, higher consciousness

She also advocates keeping a diary or journal for recording your progress, insights, and readings. Looking back, she says, will likely astonish you when you realize what you’ve seen!

My husband bought Titania’s Crystal Ball for me several years ago, for Christmas. He knew I always wanted one and it was *perfect*! Personally, I don’t use it for scrying—it’s not my preferred method of divination—but it’s *fantastic* for meditation, especially when gazing at it with dim background light or candles. I keep my crystal ball on its wooden stand, which sits on a satin ice blue cloth next to a brass statue of Ganesh. I use this arrangement as an “altar” of sorts, sometimes placing Tarot or oracle card behind the orb.

This new version of Titania’s Crystal Ball seems to be produced by another publisher, but I’m almost positive that the blue satin cloth I use for mine came *with* the kit (my husband seems to think so, too). However, it’s possible that I’m incorrect, so assume that your crystal ball set will NOT come with a cloth.

Whether you use this kit for divination, meditation, decoration, or devotion (as in altars or rituals), Titania’s Crystal Ball provides a truly lovely orb, stand, and guidebook for each of these purposes.

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