Transforming Fate into Destiny - Robert Ohotto
“You may have heard that Fate is the hand of cards that life deals you, and Destiny is how you play it. This means that through your soul’s agreement with Destiny, you must transform your Fate into something more life affirming, thus leaving this world a better place. Destiny is your capacity to live out the threads of your Fate in a unique way that only you can do, while having a positive vibrational impact on the world’s energy and soul.” – From the book

In his brilliant new book Transforming Fate into Destiny, intuitive astrologer Robert Ohotto provides a profound, sensible blueprint for discovering why you are here on this Earth and how to live your highest purpose. With wit, wisdom and humility, Ohotto shows us how to locate the soul’s coordinates, navigate (and break) cultural spells, determine Fate versus Destiny and fulfill our Cosmic Contract.

According to Transforming Fate into Destiny, the soul makes two contracts before incarnation: an agreement with Fate and agreement with Destiny. Fate encompasses our agreed-upon mortal limitations that serve as a sacred container for our soul’s growth and experience—boundaries that we are not meant to break or supersede.

Destiny, on the other hand, is the alchemical method of transforming the raw materials of Fate into a dynamic, progressive, conscious and soul-directed life. As Ohotto eloquently states, “Transforming Fate into Destiny is the process of becoming your authentic self so that you manifest the mystery of creation, actively embodying purpose, joy and meaning.”

By accessing the powerful tools of acceptance, authentic choice, surrender, prayer and the Law of Attraction, Ohotto illuminates how to investigate our agreements with Fate, extract hidden treasures from challenges and participate in the unfolding of our personal Destiny with grace.

Some of the deep truths presented in Transforming Fate into Destiny include:

• Using the Law of Attraction to enhance the soul’s Cosmic Contract, not negate it

• Discerning when circumstances are fated course corrections or creative obstacles designed to “season” us

• Ways to work within the challenges of Fate to birth our destined Being

• The difference between the feminine soul and the masculine spirit

• The true meaning of ego—and why we need it

• How we create Self-Fate through survival fears, outside influences, arrogance and over-identifying with our earthly role

• Confronting the shadow in relationships and managing projected energy

• Dealing with the “dark night of the ego”, embracing the “in between” state and animating our interior life through soul dialogue

• Recognizing authentic passion and developing mystical stamina while allowing inner authority and soul-esteem to lead the way

Robert Ohotto’s Transforming Fate into Destiny uses poignant personal stories, client case histories, ancient philosophical models and hard-won insights to create an extraordinarily clear map of the soul. Bringing the arcane down to the mundane, the author fills in the gaps oft presented by theories regarding pre-incarnation agreements, archetypal sacred contracts and the Law of Attraction.

If you want to detect your fated boundaries, figure out why the same hurdles keep cropping up in your life, surmount survival fears and break the “spells” of family, culture and mass media, you’ll greatly benefit from Transforming Fate into Destiny. If you’re seeking to use the Law of Attraction to work *with* your mortal fate (as opposed to frustratingly against it), this book will relieve your mind and invigorate your spirit.

Lastly, this book will provide you with priceless, practical instructions for uncovering (and birthing) your unique soul print in this world, fulfilling your highest purpose through the process of co-created Destiny and traveling with dignity, grace, courage and personal meaning on this beautiful Earth.

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