Trust Your Vibes Oracle Cards
If you're seeking to sharpen your sixth sense, Sonia Choquette makes the process a little easier with her Trust Your Vibes Oracle Cards.

Published by Hay House, Trust Your Vibes Oracle Cards - A Powerful Tool Kit for Awakening Your Sixth Sense features 52 cards designed to help activate and strengthen your psychic sense. Accompanying these glossy, sturdy cards is a 113 page Guidebook which elaborates on the theme of each card. Because the cards are numbered from 1-52, it's easy to find their correspondences in the Guidebook.

There are several ways you can use this powerful and practical deck:

Choquette offers an interesting 3 card layout:

Card 1 Attitude or frame of mind in which to approach the situation or problem.
Card 2 The best way to shift the energy to a higher vibration
Card 3 What you're overlooking and need to become aware of.

You're only limited by your imagination, because various spreads could be used with these cards.

An example from the Guidebook:

21 Expect The Best You're being advised by your Higher Self and guides to start each day expecting Divine guidance to direct, support, and happily surprise you. By entering a state of expectation, you create a vacuum in your vibration. The Universe doesn't tolerate a vacuum, so it will seek to fill it with exactly what you expect. If you expect struggle, you attract struggle. If you expect guidance, synchronicity, and celestial gifts, you attract that as well. Your guides are advising you to shift your awareness to positive expectation, which acts like a magnet that attracts all you need when you need it. It creates a powerful vibration that will be felt and answered by your guides immediately. Take the risk and expect good vibes. They will show up! (This corresponds with the card at top right.)

I think Trust Your Vibes Oracle Cards is an excellent divination tool for beginners who want to awaken their intuition and train themselves to hear, recognize, and follow Guidance. Those used to other oracle decks or Tarot will also find the cards helpful for instruction, meditation, and confirmation. When I first saw the deck, I thought the colors a bit muddy, especially with the darker atumnal hues. However, the more I use this deck, the more I like it. In fact, I grab this oracle deck before any other when seeking quick guidance or insight.

Below are images of several cards, including the card backing (last card on the bottom right.) The delightful illustrations by Horacio Cobos accurately captures the essence of each theme:

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"This deck is designed to help activiate and strengthen your sixth sense, your psychic channel. In it, you will find 52 cards, each one a tool for deeping your connection to God, your Higher Self, angels, spirit guides, and helpers from the Other Side." --Sonia Choquette