Trust Your Vibes - Sonia Choquette
"The price people pay for ignoring their vibes is high: They end up living in fear, feeling inadequate and powerless. They make decisions that aren't good for them, which lead them to places other than where they want to be. They become anxious and addictive, acting aggressively, even violently, toward those they love, thus alienating themselves even more. They become stressed, even physically ill, and enjoy no real peace of mind. Wandering around in the darkness of second guessing and worry, they fight against life or get trampled beneath it and fail to achieve their purpose or spiritual goals, thus wasting, instead of living, their lives." --Sonia Choquette
For those who dwell in the realm of five-sensory living, the idea of being guided daily by intuition may seem illogical, flaky, and "woo woo". Others may view the concept of trusting vibes as mysterious and exotic, relegated to only "special" people born with psychic gifts.

However, in her book Trust Your Vibes: Secret Tools for Six-Sensory Living, spiritual teacher and psychic Sonia Choquette de-mystifies the process of using your intuition--or vibes--to navigate through life. Choquette, who has actively used her psychic perception since age 12, asserts than anyone can access their sixth sense. In fact, she believes it's absolutely urgent that humanity begin to awaken to their intuition. We are hurting one another, killing in the name of God, and drugging ourselves in epidemic proportions. Where does six-sensory living come in? It helps us to realize how we are all interconnected and interdependent, which in turn helps us in healing ourselves, our relationships, and the planet. According to Choquette:

"Following our vibes serves as a great deterrent to the downward spiral of personal and global self-destruction that we find ourselves tangled in today. When we trust our vibes, we restore our balance and experience within--which, ultimately, leads to peace without."

An often frustrating aspect to self-development style books is that we're usually instructed on what to do (or not to do)...but it's rare to find a book that also connects the dots as to the whys and hows. Not only does Choquette offer compelling evidence as to the "whys", but she also outlines 33 secret practices that six-sensory people use every day to navigate the unseen world of spirit--the "hows".

Weaving in astounding stories from her personal and professional experience--as well as those of her clients, colleagues, and students--Choquette illustrates the whys and hows of hearing, trusting, and following intuition. Here are a few small excerpts from the 33 secret practices explained in Trust Your Vibes:

Secret 5: Easy Does It "...Adrenaline is a highly toxic and addictive substance if you're subjected to it in large quantities...Besides being difficult to wean from, excessive adrenaline is to your intuition what kryptonite is to Superman: lethal. A burst of adrenaline may leave you feeling temporarily powerful, but will end up depleting you..."

Secret 7: Observe, Don't Absorb "...It's a myth that caring requires commiserating. Caring means allowing someone space to sort things out without throwing your emotions into the already-overloaded mix..."

Secret 14: Write It Down "...Recording your vibes is the most direct physical way to march your mind across the bridge from an ego-based, five-sensory reality to a spirit-based, six-sensory one. Like a diver on a treasure hunt, each newly seized message from your psychic sense will help build a platform of reason on which to stand. You'll no longer just have a feeling--you'll have verification that your vibes are legitimate guides that help you in life..."

Secret 28: Laughing Matters "...Some people can't distinguish between the ego and the sixth sense. Here's the difference: Your spirit is relaxed, forgiving, and laughs a lot, especially at you and your own antics; and your ego is critical and controlling and rarely laughs at anything, especially itself. The soul gently requests and trusts while the ego demands and is suspicious. The soul is light and easy and loves adventures; the ego can be harsh and heavy and gets stuck in the mud..."

Every once in awhile, I come across a book that I enjoy so thoroughly and find so practical and valuable that I wish I could give a copy to everyone I know and meet. This is one such book. If you're a five-sensory person interested in accessing, trusting, and following your intuition, Trust Your Vibes shows you how to change the rules that run your life (and make you miserable), leading you back to your inner psychic navigational system.

If living a six-sensory life is as natural to you as breathing, you'll gain valuable information on enhancing intuitive perception, operating from a soul-based perspective rather than an ego-based one, and living more joyfully and enthusiastically. As Choquette says "The lovers of life are the healers of life because they're the believers of life."

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