Trust Your Vibes at Work - Sonia Choquette
“If you’re ready to stop struggling with fear and doubt about your job and want to flow joyfully with the creative and unlimited forces of the universe; use all your natural resources; reclaim your power as a six-sensory, intuitively guided, creative soul; and truly succeed—then open your mind and let’s begin.” – From the book

Renowned psychic and six-sensory author Sonia Choquette introduces 29 strategies for activating, sharpening, and mastering intuition on the job in her book Trust Your Vibes at Work, and Let Them Work for You. Divided into three parts, Trust Your Vibes at Work shows you how to tap into body awareness, increase six-sensory sensitivity especially under pressure, organize intuitive awareness, invite opportunities, engage creativity, welcome feedback and collaboration, contribute with enthusiasm, and follow your vibes to a satisfying, prosperous professional life.

Problems with work and career are universal, with individuals often complaining of boredom, tension between co-workers and management, low pay, and general job dissatisfaction. As a professional intuitive consultant and teacher, Choquette has counseled thousands of people from all over the world, many seeking insight and resolution for job difficulties.

As with her previous book Trust Your Vibes - Secret Tools for Six-Sensory Living, Choquette writes in a practical, engaging style, equipping employers, employees, and the self-employed with crucial strategies for navigating the workplace as a six-sensory person. Using personal and client anecdotes, the author demonstrates the high cost of not trusting vibes—and the amazing things that can happen when you do. She also provides handy lists to reinforce each intuitive strategy. For example, under Strategy #10 Take a Risk, Choquette gives six ways to prepare for risks as you pursue your dream job:

1.  Make a plan.
2.  Save money if you can.
3.  Make certain that your talents match your desires.
4.  Get emotionally ready by creating opportunities to take little leaps of faith.
5.  Look forward with enthusiasm to your new adventure, and talk about it with excitement rather than dread.
6.  Take small steps, and don’t overshoot your goal.

Choquette also sums up each six-sensory strategy with a “bottom line”. Here are a few additional strategies and bottom lines from Trust Your Vibes at Work:

Strategy #1 Set Your Intention. Bottom Line: Positively visualize your day before it begins.

Strategy #4 Stimulate Your Creativity. Bottom Line: Lighten up and be playful.

Strategy #15 Have the Courage to Stand Alone. Bottom Line: Stick to your gut feelings and convictions.

Strategy #19 Make No Assumptions. Bottom Line: Never assume that you know anyone completely.

Strategy #21 Work With the Right People. Bottom Line: Make sure “the shoe fits”, then sleep on it.

Strategy #26 Claim Your Space. Bottom Line: Strengthen your boundaries.

Choquette stresses the importance of remembering what inspires and excites on the way to our “dream job”, as well as how to make the most of any employment situation. Whether treating the workspace as sacred, asking for help, grounding our energy, forgiving others, or employing bad-vibe busters, Trust Your Vibes at Work includes the necessary tools for an empowered, joyful, creative and productive work experience.

As one who is self-employed as a free-lance writer and professional intuitive, I had wondered if Trust Your Vibes at Work would contain relevant information for me since I work from home. I was thrilled to discover that this book shares important ways for discerning, decoding, and trusting intuitive information, especially as it relates to work ethics, expectations, reading people, and personal and vocational satisfaction.

Interestingly, many of my clients also express job dissatisfaction—and I’m sure this is true for most professional intuitives. I’ll be sure to recommend this enlightening book to each of them as they seek career direction and work advice!

(P.S. I consider Trust Your Vibes at Work to be one of the best books of 2005--and believe me, I encounter, read, and review many books in a year's time!)

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