The Truth Fairy Pendulum Kit - Monte Farber and Amy Zerner
The Truth Fairy Pendulum Kit is imbued with the gentle Fairy wisdom that has guided all of us since we were children. If you loved fairy tales as a child and now need to know the truth about what is going on in your life and how to best deal with it, then you have come to the right place—the enchanted world of The Truth Fairy.” –Monte Farber and Amy Zerner
Monte Farber and Amy Zerner are two of the world’s foremost designers of interactive personal guidance systems, with over one million copies of their work in print. These legendary lovebirds, happily married since 1975, have added yet another divination tool to their Enchanted World: The Truth Fairy Pendulum and Message Board Kit.

Amy is an award-winning collage artist who has designed this kit, including the Truth Fairy pendulum necklace and the twelve Magical Message boards. Monte’s wisdom graces the pages, instructing and encouraging the reader on dowsing, intuition, Fairy Guides, and using the pendulum. Amy’s beautiful collage art is featured on the twelve message boards, each dedicated to a particular Fairy and realm of inquiry. When you have a question, simply select the Magical Message board of the Fairy whose truth you feel is most appropriate for addressing your inquiry, and then that Fairy will guide your pendulum to the correct answer. The twelve Fairies are:

The Abundance Fairy - For questions about manifesting your hopes and wishes
The Enlightenment Fairy - For questions about increasing your spiritual awareness
The Banishing Fairy - For questions about letting go of toxic thoughts and habits
The Location Fairy - For finding something dear to you or where you should go
The Timing Fairy - For picking the best time for any action
The Joy Fairy - For lifting your spirits and helping you relax
The Success Fairy - For guidance on prioritizing the steps on your path
The Communication Fairy - For improving communications and self-expression
The Love Fairy - For questions about understanding and improving a loving relationship
The Courage Fairy - For using your strengths to overcome your fears
The Wellness Fairy - For questions about making the most of your health and vitality
The Creativity Fairy - For questions about focusing your talents in the best way.

The Pendulum Necklace is on a 19 inch black cord, and has a lobster clasp. The pendulum itself is very unique: silver in color, each side features an engraving of a Fairy. Approximately 2.5 inches in length, the pendulum has an intriguing element: a flip top lid which reveals a secret compartment! When asking about vitamins or herbs, for example, you can put an actual pill in the compartment when dowsing. Or, you can write your question on a slip of paper and slip it into the compartment before inquiring the Truth Fairy. Because the pendulum is on a necklace, you can take it with you wherever you go to use with, or without, the Magical Message boards.

The Magical Message boards come in a rainbow of pastel colors, with Amy’s gorgeous collage in the center. Each board features four axes to discern the swing of the pendulum: Yes, No, Maybe, and Don’t Know. In the corner of each board are four words, which provide another way of dowsing: point a finger on each word with one hand, and then dowse the answer with the pendulum. For example, if you wanted to inquire the Abundance Fairy, you could point to the words Invest, Save, Trade, or Change, ask your question, and then pay attention to which axis the pendulum swings (Yes, No, Maybe, or Don’t Know) . Or, if you were talking to the Location Fairy, you could point to the words North, South, East, or West.

Also included in the Truth Fairy Enchanted Pendulum and Message Board Kit is a 48-page book which gives step-by-step instruction on how to use this kit to obtain answers to your questions—including how to phrase a question for optimal clarity—as well as how to use the common sense of the left brain in conjunction with the imagination and intuition of the right. Each Fairy has its own “bio”, not to mention a special enchantment to help you summon a particular Truth Fairy.

Amy Zerner and Monte Farber’s Truth Fairy Pendulum Kit is an excellent introduction to both the Fairy world and pendulums. I admit, I have had difficulty using pendulums in the past (much like Monte!), so I didn’t know if this kit would work for me. However, as I read the Guidebook, I felt a spark of anticipation and connection—as if the Fairies were ready and willing to work with me to (finally!) be confident with pendulum use. I asked questions of the Timing Fairy and the Wellness Fairy. With the former, I kept getting “No” answers. I was a little disappointed at the repeat answer, wondering if this would be yet another pendulum “failure”. However, when I asked several questions of the Wellness Fairy, I received specific—and varied—answers that confirmed what I had been feeling, and provided comfort that I was, indeed, on the right track. Not only that, the pendulum swung very robustly with some questions, but faintly on others—indicating, to me, the strength of the guidance itself (and how much I needed it!), as well as its importance to my questions.

I highly recommend this easy-to-use kit that will help you access your intuition, hone your discernment, and link you to the magical realm of Nature’s (and your) cheerleaders—the Fairies.

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