The Unmistakable Touch of Grace - Cheryl Richardson

Have you ever considered that events that were painful, disappointing, or unfair may have occurred to nudge, or perhaps even shove you in a more positive direction?" --Cheryl Richardson

According to life coach and bestselling author Cheryl Richardson, grace is a kind of spiritual intelligence that flows from Divine Source. It is available to everyone, and as we step into this flow, we become aligned with a larger vision for our lives. Our awareness increases, and we suddenly become aware of signs, symbols, and messages that leads us to our higher good.

The Unmistakable Touch Of Grace shows us how grace knocks on our door in a variety of ways. When we begin to see situations and people with spiritual eyes, we notice how grace sustains, nurtures, protects, and guides us. Richardson shares many compelling and profound examples of grace from her own life as well as from friends, colleagues and clients. By awakening to the presence of grace in life, she promises readers that anxiety, fear and uncertainty about the future will gradually be replaced with the comfort and security of knowing:

* You are not alone
* You have a higher purpose for your life
* You have what it takes to face any life challenge
* You are a student in the school of life
* You have the peace and happiness you desire already within you

One way grace touches us is through what Richardson calls "spiritual change agents". These are the people who raise our level of consciousness in some way, as well as support our spiritual progress. While loving and empathetic individuals may ignite grace in our lives, the author reminds us that challenging and difficult relationships do so as well. What could look like rejection from one point of view could very well be protection when seen through the eyes of grace.

She goes on to describe the effects of grace-such as a profound awakening to beauty and evolving to new levels of wisdom-and how grace introduces itself in work, relationships, and quietude. We are challenged to search for the evidence of grace, and each chapter ends with several experiments designed to help us recognize the power of grace in our own life. Becoming a "spiritual scientist" will alter our view of the world forever, and dramatically increase our ability to see the influence of grace, she asserts. We are invited to "dance" with grace, which includes partnering with a Higher Power, surrendering to the "music", and trusting Diving timing. Also at the end of each chapter is a resource section of books, audios, and websites to help further spiritual exploration.

I found this book so timely and encouraging that I'm beginning to read it again--from the beginning--committing to do the experiments and journaling exercises at the end of every chapter. In a world often marked by cynicism, religious disenfranchisement, self-imposed isolation, anxiety, information overload and spiritual disconnection, The Unmistakable Touch Of Grace is a brilliant beacon of inspiration and hope. Richardson shows us that grace isn't reserved for mystics, monks, or saints but may be received, recognized, appropriated, and imparted by everyone. Her humility, candor, and enthusiasm are refreshing. I get a strong sense that Richardson is someone who walks her talk, rather than a teacher who admonishes "do as I say, not as I do." And, quite frankly, this sense of integrity is one of the most refreshing elements of The Unmistakable Touch Of Grace.

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