Venus Transits 2004 and 2012
I had the opportunity to interview astrologer Barry Cowger on the Venus Transit that will occcur in both 2004 and 2012--and what this may mean for humanity.

Janet: In New Age circles, many individuals think that the Venus Transit will herald a major shift in global consciousness. What are your thoughts on the Venus Transits of 2004 and 2012?

Barry: On June 8th 2004 Venus will cross theface of the Sun. This is known as an occultation. It hasn't happened since 1882 and will occur again in June 2012. Many people give that year special importance in terms of various calendars that suggest a major shift in awareness and/or world events. Being a bit or an optomist, I would not say that these events reflect the 'end of the world' as much as an 'end of the world' in terms of a necessary change in human perspectives and awareness.

If we look at the event, the planet Venus passing in front of the Sun, you could say it's like a New Moon, except here we are looking at a "New Venus." From a architypal point of view, this conjunction suggests that this date can be the beginning of a change in awareness, cultimating at the second conjunction in 2012. In other words, the choices we make from this June will have a huge impact on 2012.

Venus in Gemini means that a relationship to the creative power of thought is the purpose. How many times have we stepped into a relality that we have created, or co-created mentally? How many of us know how much power thought an have, if directed purposefully. Sub-atomic particles behave differently once they are observed. No can can predict what they wil do, but simply observing them makes a difference. So if our thoughts have a certain quality about them -thoughts of love, well-being and happiness for example how can such thoughts not make any difference on reality? That cannot be. Of course we have to be careful of 'positive thoughts' that are merely attempts to cover what are more numerous and negative ones. A fundamental change in how we think seems to me to be the point of such a cosmic event.

The movie What the Bleep Do We Know!? is an excellent example of what could be a social phenomenon that has profound effect on our collective futures.

It's all about a relationship (Venus) that we have to our thinking, (Gemini) and the profound power that thought can have on the purposes (Sun) of our lives. It seems to me that some thoughts, entertained at one specific point in time (June 8th) can have far more effect than the same thoughts at another point. So we all have our own assignments on that day. Of course, where that conjunction occurs in your inidividual horoscopes might also be meaninfgul. I would be glad to provide you with the house position of this conjunction, if you know your time of birth. You can also go to and input your birth information. Both are free of charge!

In closing, I would encourage you to simply observe your thoughts on June 8th. People say that knowing what's in there, having a more intimate relationship to your own mind is an important first step in your growth and happiness. Also to be aware of what you say as well. Gemini is the sign of communication. So if we also co-create our realities through our speech, I think June 8th is a unusual opportunity to begin to change the quality of our relationships by what we say and how we say it. The throat chakra is a powerful vortex of energy. And if we are able to harness this power, through our speech you may find that the quality of your relationships have shifted. Mercury is also in the sign Gemini on June 8th so we really have an opportunity to manifest some positive results in our lives beginning June 8th. For those of us who have long memories, perhaps we will be able to realize the importance of this date and its effect on 2012, not only personally but collectively and for the entire planet. Remember: "Thoughts are things and they have wings!"

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