Vibe Away: The All-Purpose Space-Clearing Kit - Amy Zerner & Monte Farber
“We first created Vibe-Away following a creepy hotel stay and put into it our own intention to have it work quickly to clear all negative energy very quickly the next time we stayed in a hotel…Many of our friends have used our space-clearing spray in their workplaces, homes, and hotel rooms with great success. All it takes is a spray or two—it’s that easy!” – From the companion book

What do you get when you combine a desire for good energy, a funny bone and the creativity of The Enchanted Couple? Vibe-Away!

Yet another “power tool” from Amy Zerner and Monte Farber’s pioneering and light-hearted approach to all things spiritual, Vibe-Away contains everything you need to clear any space, for any intention.

Having disagreements at work? Discreetly spray Vibe-Away. Do you need a boost of energy or perhaps long for a relaxing weekend? Again, use Vibe-Away! Whether you’re seeking to promote emotional well-being, mental clarity or spiritual grounding, the Vibe-Away space-clearing kit melds authentic shamanistic and Eastern practices with good old American ingenuity (and silly illustrations!)

Amy and Monte’s kit includes:

• A 36-page illustrated companion book explaining the ancient practice of space-clearing and the power of intention

• Three packets of non-toxic, quick-dissolving crystals made up of essential oils such as sage (body), citrus (mind) and lavender (spirit) contained in small, re-sealable plastic packets

• Empty plastic red spray bottle with cap

• Attractive ceremonial bell embossed with images of Kwan Yin, Buddha, and characters for protection, hung on a red satin mystic knot

• Prayers, incantations, rituals, meditations and easy recipes for just the right blend to suit your needs

Retro-cheesy yet practical, employing ancient wisdom with a modern appeal, Vibe-Away offers an easy-to-use method for animating your intentions, clearing your environment and participating in personal ritual for any concern covering matters of mind, body and spirit.

Personally, I’ve had good results with Vibe-Away! Although I can’t smell the crystal aromatherapy oils once they’ve been dissolved (they smell yummy in the packet though!), I’m more attuned to the accompanying infusion of intention I make WITH the spray more than the aromatherapeutic benefits. (Perhaps I shouldn’t have filled the bottle all the way up, though…) I made up a mix for More Energy (2 parts Body, 1 part Mind and 1 part Spirit), added distilled water (my preference), shook gently, and then misted it over my sleeping husband (LOL)—as well as the rooms of our house, my son and myself.

Because my son was already reading the Vibe-Away booklet (I *always* have tons of books scattered about, but for some reason—probably the humorous illustrations—he just couldn’t resist reading it!), he knew what I was doing (and thanked me!) As I’m writing this, he came up to me and said, “Good thing I had this potion! It will make me strong and powerful!” (I chuckled.)

While Vibe-Away may not chase off all difficulties, through the power of intention and prayer, it can certainly promote any type of peace you may be seeking for in your life. At the very least, you will be welcoming good energy, abundance, clarity and wellness via your act of faith.

I know that *I* felt more energy after I used Vibe-Away, but the real test will be when my husband gets up! (He’s been tired since working mandatory overtime the last few weeks, as well as finishing up some extensive home renovation projects.)

Update: when my husband got up from a 4-hour nap, he was eager and ready to tackle painting my son’s room. I couldn’t believe how much energy he had. I told him what I had done when he was sleeping and he laughed. “Are you serious?”, he asked. (Now, when he sleeps, it’s the sleep of the dead—so there’s no power of suggestion here. Plus, he had no idea that I was reviewing this product, or anything about it.)

And my son? He did homeschool software for about 6 hours STRAIGHT, saying “You’re right Mom! Learning IS fun!” (I know this sounds a bit unbelievable, but it’s all true. I’m as surprised as you are!)

If you know someone who’s into aromatherapy or Feng Shui, or perhaps is someone on a spiritual path with an appreciation for humor, Vibe-Away would make a most excellent and unusual gift for the holidays or any special day.

I’ll leave you with the funny “poem” in the back of the companion book:

“Bad vibes!” you say? Spray Vibe-Away!
Keep “the evil one” at bay? Spray Vibe Away!
Kids disobey? Spray Vibe-Away!
Creepy hotel stay? Spray Vibe-Away!
Big test today? Spray Vibe-Away!
Unhappy holiday? Spray Vibe-Away!
New home? Hooray! Spray Vibe-Away!

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