Viral Explosions: Proven Techniques to Expand, Explode, or Ignite Your Business or Brand Online - Peggy McColl
“I truly believe in an approach to Internet marketing that uses the power of spreading a message from person to person, because I’ve seen it work again and again. Viral explosions are extremely exciting because they can have an impact far beyond what you might have imagined. They can launch you from living paycheck to paycheck to being the master of your own financial destiny. They can take you from unknown to having a highly recognizable brand. Their potential to change your life and business is amazing.” – From the book

Internet marketing expert and author Peggy McColl has created another fantastic book, this one dedicated to making a powerful splash online.

Viral Explosions: Proven Techniques to Expand, Explode, or Ignite Your Business or Brand Online equips entrepreneurs, authors, and change-makers for successful branding, promoting and selling online.

Whether you’ve written a book, recorded a CD, created a movie or offer needed services, Viral Explosions shows you how to effectively create (and maintain) a brand, foster trust among your clients, partner with like-minded affiliates and generate sells online.

Featuring super-charged and inspiring real-life examples, Viral Explosions contains Peggy’s secret recipe for lucrative online launches—ingredients that have contributed to the exponential sales and growth of many authors and entrepreneurs.

There are many incredible gems in the book, and here’s just a few of them:

• “Your first goal is to figure out how to communicate your credibility and expertise to your customers. New buyers need to know what you’re all about, and previous buyers need to be reminded of why they like to purchase products and services from you and not someone else.”

• “Professionalism doesn’t mean being strictly business at all times. It’s as if we’ve expanded the business lunch, with shop talk and casual conversation about our daily lives mixed together, on to the internet…The new professionalism is to be real and accessible.”

• “Never lose track of this very important truth: It’s not what you want to offer that matters, it’s what your customer is interested in. If you believe that you’ve got something to offer that others will value and desire, and even pay for, then you can create products and services that are true to your brand and can be the centerpiece of your viral explosion.”

• “I believe that if you boost your confidence and remind yourself that you have something of value to offer because you have taken the time to become an expert on the topic of your passion, you’ll be able to better serve your customers.”

• “If you have a scarcity mindset rather than prosperity consciousness, you’ll buy into the myth that you have to hoard the knowledge you have rather than sharing any of it for free. You’ll be afraid to put too much information into a product that people will purchase and use because you’ll mistakenly believe it will fill all their needs and they’ll never come back. Actually, what usually happens if you do offer value, people want more—more personalized service, more information on a related topic, more interaction with you, more encouragement and hand-holding and so on. Be generous and provide value at a good price.”

Not only does Viral Explosions provide proven techniques for retaining clients, generating income and attracting new customers, it also details step-by-step methods for setting up a website, building a subscriber base, launching viral campaigns, utilizing social media sites, partnering with affiliates, believing in the worth of your product/service, understanding the power of upselling/suggestive selling and much more.

I’ve already used some of the tips Peggy offers in Viral Explosions, and I can testify that they WORK. When you mix passion, authenticity, diligence, perseverance, valuable services/products and an abundance mindset, you WILL be successful if you don’t give up! 

In fact, after reading Viral Explosions and then interviewing Peggy for Tarot Today Radio, I woke up at 4 AM the next day (today!) with an innovative idea that just may net an incredible amount of income using my specialized talents while positively impacting those I’ll be working with (and their readers/clients) in powerful ways.

If you read, understand and apply what Peggy teaches in Viral Explosions, your brand, business, finances, clients and reputation will expand and explode in ways you never imaged—I can promise you that. 

Highly recommended!

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