Vitamins for the Soul - Sonia Choquette
"...If you take your psychic vitamins every day, you'll definitely experience a change: You'll go from living a fear-based, five-sensory, average life, to a heart-based, six-sensory, extraordinary life-one that restores your true voice, frees your spirit, and leads you at all times to the best possible outcomes. You'll soon see, feel, and experience the magic it brings." -Sonia Choquette

Renowned psychic, teacher, and author Sonia Choquette teaches that in order to see a real change in your life, trusting your "vibes" must become a habit. Now, you can have bite-sized portions of Choquette's insight at your fingertips with Vitamins for the Soul - Daily Doses of Wisdom for Personal Empowerment. An expert in the field of six-sensory living, Choquette prescribes 125 "vitamins" to be ingested daily. Whether you're in need of assurance, creativity, peace, or direction, these daily doses of psychic vitamins can help keep you focused and grounded on the path to six-sensory living.

Some "vitamins" for your soul's nourishment include:

Stop Asking for Other's Opinions

"One way to remain true to your authentic self is to stop asking others for their input (unless it's absolutely necessary to do so). Stop soliciting the opinions of others, and instead ask your Higher Self for guidance. Remember, it's only when you follow YOUR spirit, YOUR guidance, YOUR heart, and YOUR vibes that you can experience true peace of mind. Countless opinions from others will only make it more difficult to hear your higher counsel. Let your rule be this: `I'll only ask for input if the person I'm asking is wiser, happier, and more balanced than I am.' Otherwise, do something completely new-ask you Higher Self instead!"

Nurture Your Authentic Self

"One thing you'll discover when you begin to activate your sixth sense is that what you're truly doing is nurturing your authentic self, your spirit. Nurturing intuition is actually the art of discovering and honoring who you really are."

Use Your Imagination

"The most direct way to access your intuition is to use your imagination. Imagination is the front door to your vibes-it creates the world! Not only is it the source of your six-sensory ability, it's the source of ALL your ability."

In my opinion, Choquette offers some solid advice in most of the book. However, I feel some of her "vitamins" are a bit on the fluffy side:

Just Ask

"God cares for you so much that He provides you with love, protection, safety, inspiration, ideas, solutions, and everything else you need to grow and thrive in life."

The implication here is that if you're not experiencing protection or safety, He must not care all that much for you. Or, if you just follow those vibes, God will rescue you from every difficult situation like a deus ex machina and your life will be a pleasure cruise. In my experience, growing towards a six-sensory life often includes isolation and even difficulty-for the ego doesn't want to give up its control, and it certainly doesn't want you to learn to hear Guidance for yourself outside the confines of religion, books, or the opinions of others.

Walk With a Gentle Heart

"If you honor your intuitive soul, you walk with a gentle, joyous heart-the heart of a child."

While I agree that a life lived honoring the six-sensory realm includes a "gentle, joyous heart", getting there is often accompanied by existential angst, confusion, and self-doubt. It's not always easy to unlearn decades of myopic, fear-based perspectives on the journey to contented, confident six-sensory living.

In her lucid, practical book Trust Your Vibes - Secret Tools for Six-Sensory Living, Choquette provides an excellent blueprint for understanding, discerning, and applying information generated by psychic impressions. Geared towards those wanting a quick psychic boost, Vitamins for the Soul attempts to simplify and encapsulate the wisdom found in her earlier book. I would recommend Vitamins for the Soul for those new to Choquette's teachings on six-sensory living, as well as enthusiastic fans that enjoy bite-sized pick-me-ups. However, for individuals wanting to go deeper and further into the realm of intuition, I'd recommend her book Trust Your Vibes instead. I'd also recommend Choquette's Trust Your Vibes cards for those wanting to practice intuitive listening.

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