The Well-Rested Woman: 60 Soothing Suggestions for Getting a Good Night's Sleep by Janet Kinosian
"Even if you do think you're getting the amount of sleep you should, you may wonder why you feel so tired and unrefreshed much of the time. This is not surprising. More than half the women surveyed in a recent National Sleep Foundation Women and Sleep Poll reported insomnia symptoms sometime during every month. Various studies and polls indicate that nearly 30 million American women claim they long every day for a good night's sleep." -Janet Kinosian in The Well Rested Woman: 60 Suggestions for Getting a Good Night's Sleep
For many women, a good night's sleep is a luxury. However, restful and deep sleep is an innate biological need. It's only in the deeper stages of sleep that the body releases growth hormones and regenerates, restores, and repairs organs and tissues.

With the demands of modern life, women often juggle work, family, and household-and are just plain exhausted. Beyond not getting enough shut-eye, there are very real sleep disorders that rob individuals of precious, rejuvenating sleep. Surprisingly, it was only until 1996 that the American Medical Association recognized sleep medicine as a secondary specialty. The real kicker is that until the early 1990's, women were often excluded from sleep studies because it was believed that their hormones would skew data. The result? Women don't have a whole lot of scientific history for help with sleep difficulties.

The good news is much of this is changing, with sleep researchers finally studying women's sleep cycles, as well as factors such as hormones, age, fertility, work, children, health, pain, etc.

In The Well-Rested Woman - 60 Soothing Suggestions for Getting a Good Night's Sleep, author Janet Kinosian shares what she has learned about sleep-not as a medical doctor or a Ph.D., but as a female insomniac.

While Kinosian briefly discusses the stages of sleep and sleep disorders, as well as female-related issues like perimenopause, menopause, postpartum, and PMS, the bulk of this book is dedicated to practical ways to promote a good night's rest. And except for the first 30 pages, these welcome remedies are just as applicable to men.

This 212 page book is filled with tips on creating the right environment for sleep, de-stressing the mind, fine-tuning the body, soothing the soul, sleep hazards and more. Also included are an extensive resource section, listing books, music, organizations, and websites to help you on the journey to restful sleep.

Some of the great ideas you'll get from The Well Rested Woman:

*Accept Larks Versus Owls
*Keep A Sleep Log
*Know Your Sleep Positions
*Set Regular Wake-Up Calls
*Befriend Time
*Use Phototherapy
*Sleep Strategies For Shift Workers
*Silence Snoring Spouses

I'm the type of person that is not only a night owl, but also one that doesn't battle insomnia. (And for that, I am grateful.) Yet, I found a wealth of wonderfully simple ways that I can enhance my sleep, and feel more rested. Fellow insomniacs will bless Kinosian for sharing the results of her 15 year search for a good night's sleep, and those of us who are just plain busy and tired will benefit from the practical insights. A final note: this book isn't just for women! Men will also benefit from Kinosian's sage advice.

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