What Color is Your Aura? - Barbara Bowers
Dr. Barbara Bowers had an amazing gift of discerning the slightest difference between hues and colors. She also could see auras. In her book What Color Is Your Aura?, Bowers catalogues humanity into 14 distinct patterns that correlates with aura color: red, orange, magenta, yellow, physical tan, mental tan, green, nurturing tan, loving tan, blue, violet, lavender, crystal and indigo. Her book also contains an in-depth questionnaire to determine your predominant personality type and aura.
She writes: "The auric Personality Spectrums system provides a structure that can help people to identify, categorize, and comprehend their innate capabilities and talents. When individuals are able to focus their energies in the direction in which their soul-river is flowing, they are then able to identify opportunities that are uniquely theirs. This capability allows individuals to act with confidence, poise, and self-assurance. Therefore, by working with their innate skills and abilities, they maximize their opportunities for finding productive, satisfying work and loving, supportive friendships. When people work with their aura color, they give themselves the gift of personal peace, enhanced by a sense of personal fulfillment."

Bowers explains each of the 14 colors and how each personality approaches physical reality, as well as their mental attitudes, emotional makeup, social style, compatibility with the other colors, personal power and leadership style, financial choices, career options, and spirituality. It's an informative manual on 14 distinct personality patterns that can aid in career searches, understanding mate compatibility, relationships, finding life purpose, and so on. Also included is an extensive questionnaire for ascertaining your main aura colors.

In many ways, this book was a precursor to the ANSIR® personality system. (Bowers and Seich were planning on collaborating before Bowers' untimely death.) What Color Is Your Aura? is a fascinating trip into auras, energy, and personality patterns--aiding you in seeing yourself and others with fresh, and more compassionate, eyes.

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